Guerrilla Marketing

10 Unconventional Media Options not Proposed by your Marketing Agency

Marketing is more than what meets the Eye

More than selling, marketing is about strategies and seizing the attention of your target customers.

In the world of marketing, there are a lot of different and subtle ways to create brand awareness and drive sales. That is guerrilla marketing. It’s a tactic used to make the sub-conscious mind aware apart from your media agency proposal.

10 Unconventional Marketing Ideas and Inspiration

  1. Skywriting: Being one of the most impactful forms of aerial advertising, skywriting has the ability to captivate hundreds of thousands of people in one performance. It is a strong and clutter-free outdoor advertising option.
    skywriting unconventional advertising
  2. Elevator Advertising: An effective form of advertising in terms of consumer awareness. As a person enters an elevator, they’re bound to they read the information found inside it. Ideally, one must concentrate on securing elevators in high-traffic buildings.
    elevator advertising unconventional advertising
  3. Flash Mob: If you are a local company looking to boost brand awareness, flash mob marketing works wonders. While it’s a budget-friendly idea, it’s a great way to provide instant recognition and create social media buzz.
    flash mob marketing
  4. Coffee Cup Advertising: A fool-proof medium to get your target group to experience your brand in their hand. While it guarantees great exposure, it is also innovative and clutter-free advertising medium.
    coffee cup unconventional advertising
  5. Escalator Advertising: An average person spends 30 seconds on an escalator or moving walkway which allows multiple exposures of an ad message. Besides being an engaging medium, it is attractive too.
  6. Geofilters: Snapchat and Instagram have changed personalisation altogether. Creating a custom, on-demand Geofilter is a great way to garner support for a local event.
    Geofilters marketing
  7. Human Billboards: A young group of enthusiasts is a great way to promote a brand. As the name suggests, this medium is an effective way to maintain human interaction in your advertising efforts. From digital displays to handheld projectors, the options are limitless.  
    human billboard advertising
  8. Pizza Box Advertising: Advertising on pizza boxes is a great idea because the takeaway boxes are sure to spend a fair amount of time in a potential customer’s home. It’s a tactile way that guarantees visibility.
    pizza box advertising
  9. Bench Advertising: Advertising on the back rest of a bench in a great advertising medium. The eye-level advertisement placement lets customers read the ad clearly too. Also, it offers 24/7 coverage.
    bench advertising
  10. Bill and Receipts Advertising: Advertising on bills and receipts is a new form of advertising. It is a highly targeted medium and is sure to be read by the bill payer. Also, it is an affordable medium.


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