Month: April 2019


A Guide to Choosing the best Marketing Agency for your Company

Checklist for Selecting a Marketing Agency
What services do they provide?
What is their area of expertise?
Have they achieved phenomenal results for their clients?
What are other clients saying about their services?
Do their cultural values align with your company?
Do they use the latest tools and resources to achieve results?
What is their client retention rate?

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Top Myths in the Marketing Industry, Debunked!

While some people confuse marketing with advertising, there are some who believe that marketing is all about handing out free stuff to attract new clients. Some even believe that marketing is pretty simple that requires little or zero effort.

Identifying your marketing misconceptions or myths early in the lifecycle of your business can greatly increase its chances of success. Breaking down false assumptions can put your company on the road to success by creating effective and engaging campaigns that use your marketing bucks to full effectiveness.

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