3 Tactics to Increase Awareness & Visibility of your Brand

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably used to hearing the word ‘brand’ being throw around a lot. While the word is being used day in and day out, what is it really? And, how do you quantify its impact?

Well, in the real world, brands are the personality of a business. Whether you’re selling a consumer good or a service, it is the emotion and imagery a person connects with your company. Have you ever felt that at times, no matter how hard you work, your brand awareness is not where you think it should be?

If you’re having a tough time reaching your sales goals or not achieving the monthly website visits you desire, it’s a sign that you are struggling to build awareness and visibility for your brand.

Proven Tactics to Increase Brand Awareness & Visibility

Whether it’s guerrilla marketing, traditional marketing or contemporary approaches, there are proven ways to get your brand name out there. The following tactics can help:

  1. Write Blog Posts: If you are looking to become a trusted voice in your industry, start by writing blog posts. It is one of the best channels of content marketing that really works. It is not just a proven tactic for brands to exhibit their expertise but also helps in generating great content that can be circulated online and thus increase visibility. However, make sure to include keywords relevant to your industry that will help customers find you. Writing authentic content increases the credibility of your business.
  2. Partner up for events: When you’re a start-up with high hopes, you want to do it all to establish your brand. A good way to often start is by attaching yourself to another established brand. This will ultimately help you gain access to their customer base. You could also pursue partnerships by sponsoring events or teaming up with NGOs. For example, if your brand specialises in personalised flowers and gifts, you can probably tie-up with an established salon for a Valentine’s Day event to gain traction. The key to successful partnerships is to find brands similar to yours and with the same motive.
    Image result for spotify starbucks partnership
  3. Guerrilla Marketing: As a new brand, you have to resort to quirky and unique ways to strike the right chords within your target group. While online marketing channels and social media do work to help you gain visibility, think about leveraging on a guerrilla-style approach to marketing. Handing out flyers, investing in paper cup branding, business cards and brochures are all tried-and-tested strategies to increase brand awareness. Companies like Uber and Ola are still using this method to onboard new clientele.
    Uber Guerrilla marketing

No matter what stage you are at in your company journey, building a brand can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Instead of implementing too many different tactics in one go, start by picking up one at a time. Stay faithful to one tactic and analyse the results it is giving you.

Bottomline: Brand awareness and brand visibility is not something you can build overnight. It requires continuous and consistent efforts.

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