5 Evergreen Customer Acquisition Strategies to Win New Clients

‘Build it and they will come’. This assumption is the biggest mistake most new companies and start-ups make. It has even crippled veteran entrepreneurs that fail even before they get started. Who are you?

No matter how many good or genius ideas for products and technologies you bring to the table, it’s never good enough if you have no idea how to go about attracting customers.

Are you a business owner who has spent months working on a great idea and put tons of energy into crafting a marketing plan only to realize your start-up isn’t going anywhere. If you’re a victim to such a scenario, you’re not alone.

In the initial stages, vast majority of start-ups struggle to find customers. However, instead of simply ignoring it, you have to do something about it.

Without customers, your business will cease to exist. Therefore, customer acquisition plays a crucial role if you want to survive, create an impact and touch the realm of success.

Best Customer Acquisition Strategies to Win New Customers

  1. Who are your customers and where are they: Depending on the nature of the products and services you are offering, you will have a certain target demographic that you will want to target. Once you find a target group that actively takes interest in your offerings, you can tailor your product to best suit their needs. The next on your list should be figuring out where your target market spends most of their time. This will help you develop marketing strategies whether online or offline.
  2. Create video content: To facilitate customer acquisition, you should be able to provide value to your customers. Consider creating informational videos that will interest them. Use this as an opportunity to educate them about your products or services. Post these videos on your website and social media channels. Make constant efforts to promote them so that it reaches maximum people from your target group.
  3. Give away freebies: Unfortunately, many people need more than the spoken word before they decide to pay for a product or service. In order to convert these set of people to loyal customers, you need to offer them free stuff or product samples. Once a potential customer tests your offerings, they will realise what value your brand has to offer. This move can significantly lead to future purchases.
  4. Search engine optimisation: After establishing an online presence, you need to work towards improving your rankings on search engines. You literally need to give your customers what they’re looking for, make sure you get found and get ahead of your competition. Focus on keyword optimization and back-linking to improve your visibility and chances of being discovered.
  5. Create optimized landing pages: Among the many customer acquisition techniques, optimizing landing pages is the most effective ones. It not just helps direct consumers to your products and services but also offers valuable information and facilitates a CTA. Thus, besides your website, if you don’t already have a landing page for your business, it’s high time you get one.

Though customer acquisition may sound simple, it is an on-going process that requires tremendous effort and dedication. Follow the above strategies and you’ll be well on your way to acquire new customers.

Natasha Gupta

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