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Importance of Promotional Tools for Businesses at Events

The world of digital marketing and point and click buying has made us easily forget promotional tools. We’ve left behind simpler things in the quest for something more complex.

In our daily lives, we’re all reminded of promotional material in some form or the other. Whether it’s a t-shirt, pen, letter pad, key chain or any other trinket, there are a whole lot of promotional tools imprinted with corporate names and distributed to visitors at a corporate event, tradeshow or job fair.

With every stall handing out promotional items at events, chances are that they just end up being dumped in a bag.

If it’s a t-shirt, it may be worn during household chores while a keychain fits a bunch of keys. Such promotional items defeat the purpose entirely.

If you really want to have an impact on your guests and visitors, resort to promotional paper cups. Unlike other promotional items, a coffee cup cannot be shoved down the bottom of a bag.

Everyone loves free coffee at an event. When you put your corporate name on it, every sip will put them in contact with your brand. Cool idea, isn’t it?

The warm beverage is associated with a feeling of warmth and satisfaction. This also urges the drinker to develop positive feelings about your brand.

Moreover, your advertisement becomes mobile. As people walk through the event with the tea cup, more people tend to learn about your brand, with who you may not have otherwise made contact.

Recently, GingerCup designed printed paper cups for two events that happened in Bangalore. paper cup ad Brand Advertisements on Coffee Cups is a game-based social wellness platform that unites a workforce to learn healthier habits. It leverages the power of a social network at a workplace to motivate employees to cultivate good habits with regard to eating and exercising.

For their recent corporate event at Accenture, they decided to distribute brand advertisements on coffee cups among all the event attendees. Every paper cup ran with the slogan ‘Sip on a good habit’.

Each time the cup is brought to the mouth to savour a sip; the brand message is at eye level, thus promoting your logo and becoming embedded in the customer’s mind.

coffee cup advertising by GingerCup

How Coffee Cups were used for promotion at Exide Life Insurance Event

Exide Life Insurance recently ran an event called JFM Powerplay in Goa with their brand ambassador Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

The event was organised to celebrate and honour 1700 of Exide’s insurance agents across India.

For the event, GingerCup created JFM Powerplay branded paper cups with the slogan ‘For an amazing finish with the greatest finisher’.

This is not the first time GingerCup has created paper cups for Exide.

Similar coffee cups were created for their earlier campaign ‘The Amazing Race’.

coffee cup advertising

It’s time you too break through the clutter while promoting your brand. Unlike other promotional items distributed at corporate events, your printed paper cup will travel places, be viewed in number of locations, by a large number of people, throughout the day!

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