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Why Advertising on Takeaway Cups is a Good idea?

Advertising on a takeaway cup

We are currently in a marketplace, overflowing with advertisers. Thus, grabbing the attention of consumers can be quite a battle. However, strange and unexpected ways can always pay off. Offbeat business ideas that have gone beyond traditional modes of advertising have always worked. Examples include unusual public displays, paper cup marketing, human billboards, skywriting, free samples at events and advertising on unusual mediums.

In the recent times, one such medium that has garnered immense attention is advertising on takeaway formats.

When we talk about advertising on takeaway formats, we’re referring to take-out containers, pizza boxes, paper food trays, takeaway cups, paper cup marketing, chip wraps and other similar takeaway bags.

GingerCup carried out a creative marketing campaign for Pizza Hut by designing branded paper takeaway cups.

branded paper cup for pizza hut

The Indian Fast-food Industry

According to figures, India’s fast-food industry is becoming a major market. Gone are the days when people were still dependent on the ‘tiffin’ and ‘lunchboxes’. The industry is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 50% by 2020. Indians eat out 75% of the time. Keeping these figures in mind, imagine how many people, you as a business owner will be able to reach by advertising on takeaway formats.

How ads in takeaway formats help?

Takeaway advertising is an innovative way to reach consumers while they’re at home, in a relaxed, attuned and receptive atmosphere.

These formats capitalise on a booming fast food sector and deliver the message of your brand in a fun and interesting way.

When it comes to choices like eating out or cooking at home, takeaways have always evolved as the perfect alternative. It’s affordable, easily accessible and wonderfully convenient.

Keeping in mind how difficult it’s becoming for advertisers to grab genuine attention by bombarding the audience with messages, it is important to consider ideas that are out-of-the-box or on the box for that matter.

Image result for advertising on pizza boxes

With the large number of packaging formats today, there is a sea of opportunities to get your brand in front of the mind, and delivered directly into people’s homes in a creative and attention-seeking way.

Takeaway format advertising offers access to a wide demographic quotient, as it is relevant to students, teens, young adults, older generation, family groups and households. All these categories of people don’t always have the time or inclination to cook. Thus, you are more likely to see these people moving around with a disposable paper cup in their hand or sitting in a park with a pizza box. When a takeaway container is carried along the high street, it becomes a very powerful advertising media.

Custom or branded paper cups, takeaway bags or pizza boxes emblazoned with high profile branding or advertising serves as a highly visible and distinctive form of marketing collateral.

Takeaway advertising gives the audience an enjoyable experience and they also build a feel-good factor when they see a truly interactive message on the takeaway box or cup.

The possibilities are endless with media like this. It is simple yet unbelievably effective in giving your target audience a truly interactive ‘brand to hand’ experience.


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