Best Strategy for Real Estate in Targeting the Right Market

paper cup ad campaign
Custom Coffee Cup Advertising Campaign for Pride Developers

In the real estate segment, you cannot ignore the importance of a targeted cup marketing campaign. To find strategies and best ideas that work is crucial.

Best Cup Branding Ideas for Real Estate

If you are a residential real estate agent, you probably know what it means to find your ‘target audience’. It’s foolish to say that your target market includes ‘everyone’. Before embarking on a marketing plan to advertise your real estate business, you must discover who is interested in your services.

If you have a professional and consistent marketing plan, chances are that you have found your niche market, and have become an expert in that market.

Today, most real estate agents are looking to target millennial home buyers. Thus, their aim should be to build a solid marketing strategy to target this powerful group. Example: Targeted Cup Marketing

Also referred to as ‘Generation Y’, millennials are people born between the 1980s and the early 2000s. The core group between the age of 18 and 35 are your prime marketing demographic. These are the individuals who are most likely to need a place to either lease or purchase. Individuals in this age group also include office goers who are beginning to buy their first home or investing in real estate for the first time.

Remember, millennials tend to have very short attention spans. Capturing leads in today’s technologically advanced society is not easy. With so many advertising messages on Facebook, people just skim through their feeds.

Thus, the ideal way to bring your real estate service to their attention is paper cup advertising. Offline marketing to your potential customers via paper cup ads gives you ample opportunity to get in front of them.

Targeted Audience Paper Cup Advertising for Pride Developers

Recently, GingerCup carried out a paper cup branding campaign for Pride Developers. Founded in the mid-1990s, Pride Developers is a leader in commercial and residential real estate projects. Their contemporary designs, attention to detail and engineered projects make them experts in their domain.

With their recent association with GingerCup, they were looking to promote their on-going residential project Pride Enchanta in Bangalore. They had their target audience clear in their mind and hence wanted to engage with office goers on Mysore Road. Since their project was close to IT parks around that area, they felt that advertising to them would be relevant.

How Marketing Strategies worked for Pride Developers

Considering the traffic congestion and peak hour traffic in Bangalore, millennials would prefer having their own place to stay close to their workplace. GingerCup distributed 50,000 branded paper cups in Global Village Tech Park.

We developed branded paper cups in bright orange and mustard. The personalised paper cups had the details of the project and a map outlined on it.

With the cup branding campaign, GingerCup was able to generate relevant leads for Pride Developers.

Marketing to millennials may seem challenging. But, remember it’s worth it. Making an effort to connect with office goers in meaningful ways will definitely give you the results you are looking for. And, there’s no other better medium than cup branding to get your services under their nose.

GingerCup has conducted similar pre-launch campaigns for Brigade Group, Rohan Builders and Pioneer Developers.

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