Brand Promotion Ideas and Activities for 2019

Importance of Brand Promotion in Marketing

In today’s fast-paced world and over cluttered marketplace, it is more vital than ever to promote recognition of a service or product. Only when you implement unique brand promotion strategies you are memorised as a quality service provider.

Decades ago, branding was only confined to a name, sign, slogan, symbol or design. Back then, that was enough to distinguish one company’s products and services from that of another.

However today, the term ‘branding’ has become a little more complex and even more important.

The importance of brand promotion in marketing is not just about getting your target market to select you over your competition. It’s more about getting your potential clients to see you as the sole provider of a solution. Therefore, before implementing ideas, activities and strategies to promote your brand, make sure they conform to the following:

  • Emotionally connect the target audience with a product/service
  • Clearly deliver a brand’s message
  • Confirms the brand’s credibility in the marketplace
  • Motivates the buyer to make a purchase (Call-to-Action)
  • Creates user loyalty
4 Brand Promotion Activities to watch for in 2019

Despite being three months into the New Year, it’s still not too late to come up with creative and unique promotional ideas that will up your brand’s marketing game. If you are looking for unique ways to get on the map, consider implementing these strategies to counter your business rivals in 2019.

  • Conduct a Flash Mob
flash mob brand promotion


Every brand out there is looking for strategies to appeal to the eyes and ears of a consumer. The best way to do that is by organising a flash mob. Though it’s not a recent phenomenon, it is once such strategy that has the ability to get people interested, talking and spreading the message of a brand.

In 2019, it will continue ruling the brand promotion turf. It is also a great way to encourage word-of-mouth promotion. It also fits well with the rising popularity of video content and viral marketing since most viewers tend to share it on their social media accounts. If generating buzz is your goal, flash mobs are ideal.

In 2018, automobile manufacturer Maruti Suzuki organised a flash mob to promote seatbelt usage. The campaign #PehniKya was executed at the Auto Expo 2018, Greater Noida.

  • Marketing via a Cup of Tea
cup branding in Bangalore

Daikin Cup Branding

We are occupants of an era where both start-ups as well as large companies are leaning towards innovative branding strategies. One such brand activation idea that is swiftly gaining momentum is cup branding. The concept involves branding paper cups with exciting artwork and messages and distributing them at high-traffic locations to generate discussions and create buzz.

Several brands are resorting to this medium to create deeper impressions in a customer’s mind. Recently, Daikin used paper cup advertising to promote their range of air purifiers in Gurgaon. The campaign was rolled out at a time when the city’s Air Quality Index (AQI) was recorded at 302 and there was an urgent need to tackle this.

  • Giveaway Marketing
free product samples marketing

Giveaway Marketing by Lotus

People love the idea of getting something for free. Giving out free product samples to customers in a magazine or sending coupons via email is a great way to give your target group a feel of what you are selling. Most people are usually hesitant to try something new if they have to pay for it. Product samples reinforce your target group’s confidence in your brand. 75% customers come back to buy a product after sampling it.

Leading skincare brands use giveaway marketing to promote their lotions, sunscreens and makeup products.

  • Influencer Marketing
influencer marketing trends for 2019

Nykaa Makeup Challenge with Rohan Joshi of All India Bakchod

Influencer marketing has proven to be one of the most effective forms of connecting with a community. It is a trending method to promote a brand. Big players across a gamut of segments are roping in food bloggers, travel enthusiasts, fashion bloggers and digital marketers who have a loyal social media following to promote their offerings. It is a tried-and-tested method and really works if a brand wants to gain popularity.

From online makeup portal Nykaa to fast-food chain KFC, a lot of brands are leveraging on the benefits of this brand promotion strategy.

Spreading the word out about your brand can be difficult, which is why we’ve assembled the most effective brand promotion ideas and activities that will work in 2019.

If you have any other ideas that will help brands break through the noise and see new levels of growth, let us know in the comment section below.

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