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‘What’s Your Cup Size’ – Our Creative Branding Campaign!

Our objective was to increase the brand awareness using paper cup marketing of Clovia Lingerie among women, who were the target group. As our brand catered to the needs of women, we dedicatedly focused on women-centric
locations. Working women in the age group of 25-30 years were our main target.
Using the power of small teacup that bore a powerful advertising message, we came up with a powerful
campaign that fetched us the most views on Afaq! The campaign entailed distribution of 50,000 teacups
over a span of 8 days in which we covered 32 tea vendors, 7 offices that helped us cover 30+ companies
and nearly 5 colleges in Bangalore.
We began distribution of cups right from November 25th, 2015 to tea vendors near colleges, inside
cafeteria, working spaces and IT parks!

Clovia paper cup marketing

What Challenges Came Our Way?

We were trying to promote a lingerie brand in India. The total innerwear market in India comprises of 61% women’s wear but India’s lingerie market suffers from the cultural juggernaut. Along with cultural
discomfort, women in India find it difficult to voice and address their lingerie concerns in public.
Fortunately for us, Clovia liberates us from the unrequited cultural barriers, by enabling you to voice
concerns and go descriptive without restrictions or limits. The bold move from Clovia helped women
come out of their shell and also helped them find solutions to their challenges online.
Though our target group can seek solutions to their lingerie concerns online, reminding them about the
brand and its products is equally important. With our campaign we hoped to achieve brand recall and
enhance brand awareness!


Outcome – The Sweet Fruits of Our Labour!

Do you want to know the brand recall? It was 90%
What does that mean? It means that we have been successful in generating an interest!
At GingerCup, the paper cup marketing campaign helped us revel in the inexplicable satisfaction of having our efforts lauded!
The excitement had been generated, and our audiences were discussing the brand over tea breaks.
Generating a wave of interest reinstated our own faith in the forgotten powers of offline marketing and creative paper cup marketing. We all know that discussions in social gatherings often result in lead generation
We felt accomplished on having braved taboos, experimented with something different and having our
target audience see, hold and touch the advertisements. We had been waiting for these results with
bated breaths and the achievements that came our way were encouraging and highly satisfying! We
look forward to repeat the success of such campaigns in the near future.

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