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Top 5 Challenges in Outdoor Advertising | How to Overcome

Traditional media channels have existed for many years. However, today, though outdoor advertising (OOH) has caught up at a fast pace, it still remains as an opaque media channel and is facing many challenges. The main reason behind this is due to lack of monitoring of market and campaign results and common myths and misconceptions that appear.

What is Outdoor Advertising?

For those unaware of outdoor advertising – ‘it is any kind of advertising or promotion that is done outdoors to promote the products or services of a particular brand’. The scope in OOH media is vast. From hoarding to kiosks, billboards, vehicle wraps, paper coffee cup advertising and much more, the options are limitless, and most importantly, result-driven.

paper cup advertising

Myths & Challenges that exist about outdoor advertising:

  1. OOH Media comprises of only billboards/hoardings: While billboards/hoardings may be the biggest form of outdoor advertising, it is not the only media. Any advertising that is done outside your home, workplace or when you’re on the move encompasses OOH. Digital signage, building wraps, standees, transit advertising, printed paper cup advertising are the many other forms of outdoor advertising.
  2. Bigger the better: This is one of the biggest myths. Remember, when it comes to outdoor signage, size does not matter. As long as you have a good location and great content, your advertising campaign is sorted. Smaller signage or mini billboards such as custom cup advertising is just as effective as a large, oversized billboard.
  3. OOH is expensive: The price of outdoor advertising is mainly determined by its location. Not all outdoor advertising is expensive. For instance, a personalised paper cup advertising campaign in a high-traffic location would be more cost-effective than a billboard in the same location. Affordability of outdoor media mainly depends on which medium you are utilising to promote your campaign.
  4. It benefits only big brands: Marketing managers are usually hesitant to explore the scope of outdoor advertising as they think it is only limited to big brands. However, outdoor advertising gives smaller brands the opportunity to evolve. To create buzz about a product or event, mediums such as paper cups ads are very effective. For example: magnum opus, Baahubali, made use of a mixed advertising strategy to promote their sequel. From billboards to disposable tea cup advertising, they had explored it all.
  5. It is non-interactive: Of course, it’s a myth! The whole concept of outdoor advertising has changed today. Marketers are taking OOH a notch higher by using highly advanced technology for billboards, QR codes and coupon codes for coffee cup ads, 2D and 3D designs for vehicle wraps and much more. All this is being done, only to make such mediums highly interactive and to capture the attention of a particular target audience.

Putting an end to these myths was highly important for us. As market experts in cup advertising, we want to create a medium for your brand that helps you attract, engage and impress. For any out-of-home advertising campaign to be effective, it is very important for it to be targeted in the right way and at the right place.

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