Coffee Cup in Brand Promotion | Paper Cup Marketing Campaign

Coffee Cup Brand Promotion by GingerCup

How can a cup of tea promote a brand, you may ask. Well, the government’s latest buzzword ‘Chai pe charcha’ is doing just that and brands and businesses are exploiting the concept for various activity promotions.

The online lingerie and nightwear brand Clovia, is one such brand which cashed in on this thought and recently carried out a bold and quirky paper cup marketing campaign in Bangalore.

Paper Cup Marketing in Colleges & Corporate Offices

With the aim to create more awareness about the brand and get people to try its ‘Fit Test’, GingerCup distributed 50,000 cups over eight days to various tea and coffee shops in Bengaluru.

The coffee cup brand promotion activity by GingerCup garnered immense attention from the target group.

cup marketing campaign by gingercup

Wondering how does that ‘fit’ the narrative? The paper cups had the lines “What’s your cup size? A perfect bra is like a perfect man – supportive and close to heart,” imprinted on them. A call to action directed the reader to the Clovia website to take the ‘Fit Test’.

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