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Best marketing ideas to Advertise Start-ups

Most cash-strapped start-ups refrain from marketing thinking about the investment. Well, the best marketing ideas are not those that involve a substantial amount of money spent on it.

Marketing does not always mean an over sized billboard or a large newspaper advertisement. It’s time we think beyond the conventional realm of marketing and resort to creative advertising. Advertising that is meaningful and brings out the true essence of a commercial brand.

Businesses today have to make sure they are not only getting their marketing, but also actually getting seen. It’s important that your marketing message breaks through the clutter and reaches the desired audience. A cost-effective and creative way of advertising to corporates and college students is coffee cup advertising.

Branded paper cups are used by corporate companies, colleges, trade shows and businesses on a regular basis. Running a marketing campaign on a coffee cup gives a start-up the advantage of landing directly into the hands of the target audience. In a corporate setting, tea and coffee drinkers like to enjoy their drink for a good 10-15 minutes. When you have your marketing message on the coffee cup, you literally get directly under the nose of the potential client. This way, there is no chance that your marketing message is going to be missed. When it comes to creative advertising, location is everything!

Creative Advertising for Commercial Brands by GingerCup

As part of start-up marketing, GingerCup has carried out quite a few campaigns for commercial brands. One such creative advertising campaign was for Voler Cars, a self-drive car rental start-up.

The start-up approached GingerCup with the aim to popularise their service among young professionals and corporates. For a target demographic that includes young students and working professionals, advertising on coffee cups is a viable option for start-up marketing. It is economical and gives them the necessary reach they desire.

Every branded paper cup designed by GingerCup offered 15% discount to customers on their next booking. Apart from the coupon, the highlights of the service, website details and a QR code which leads to app download were included on the coffee cup.

For a start-up that is still in its nascent stage, paper cup advertising is one of the best marketing ideas. It is the easiest way to create buzz about a brand, a promotion or upcoming event. It is a targeted, engaging and interactive medium that urges the target audience to take a call to action.

If you are a start-up and want to get noticed via branded paper cups, keep the following points in mind:

  • With your marketing message, try and give some advice. A tip of some sort will always draw more people to your message.
  • Use company logo and other images. A good looking paper cup has the potential to draw the attention of everyone around.

coffee cup advertising for commercial brands

Include Branded Coffee Cups at your Corporate Event

Apart from marketing your start-up, creative advertising also works at a corporate event. A cup of tea or coffee brings a feeling of joy and relaxation. Borrowing these feelings for your brand can definitely work in your favour.

Using branded coffee cups at your event can have an incredible effect on your target audience.

It helps tea/coffee drinkers equate positive feelings with your commercial brand.

Coffee cups are also a great way to provide necessary information about your brand to potential customers. It helps you connect with customers at a more personal level at events while they are waiting for the event to start or during the course of the event.

From conveying your brand story to the offerings of your brand, paper cup advertising is one of the best marketing ideas for start-ups at events.

It also differentiates your start-up from competitors. Most start-ups are seen handing out pamphlets or flyers at tradeshows. By using personalised cup advertising, you have a competitive edge as your marketing is innovative and more creative. For such creativity, your target audience will remember you for long even after the event.

Marketing your start-up does not always have to be necessarily expensive. Considering your tight budget, you can always resort to offline marketing like coffee cup advertising that is light on the pocket and engaging at the same time.

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