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Marketing strategies for Start-ups

There is no debate that the average Indian is becoming more and more aware. Today, the demand for better services at best prices is increasing. To promote these services, marketers are using offline mediums such as paper cup marketing. E-commerce transactions have made personalised items such as books, clothes, groceries and electronic items available at the touch of a button. Alongside necessities and comforts, growth is also seen in the personal mobility sector. A sharp change in the consumer behaviour patterns have called for customised solutions.

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India has seen it all. From chauffeur-driven cars to car-pooling to cab services. Suddenly, there is a tilt towards self-driven car rentals. While taxi aggregators are entangled in regulatory issues, self-driven car operators are reaping the huge opportunity in India. One main reason that attributes to the success of self-drive car rental services is rise in the urban population in India.

What is self-drive car rental?

The concept of self-drive cars has been popular in the US and European countries for long, but made its debut in India around 2013. The popular players include Voler Cars, Zoomcar, Carzonrent and Myles. The service gives the customer a choice to rent a car across different models and types, and use it according to his/her own budget and convenience. Most car rental services charge by the hour.
One such self-drive car rental company that is quickly gaining momentum in India is Voler Cars. They are recognised for their zero security deposit and doorstep car delivery. The company has been in the business since 2010, but started their self-drive car rental journey in 2015. Their services are currently available in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Chandigarh.

How GingerCup promoted Voler Cars with creative marketing?

Voler Cars drove into the GingerCup office with the aim to popularize their self-drive car rental service among young professionals and entrepreneurs by using paper cup marketing in Bangalore.

The best medium to approach a target demographic like this is paper cup marketing. Branded paper cups are non-intrusive, targeted and assured to every individual. It is the perfect marketing strategy for start-ups.

GingerCup targeted individuals in corporate offices and IT parks in Bangalore because these are the segments that are more likely to drive for long-distance leisure trips or short weekend getaways. Also, with the growth in the personal disposable income of corporates, they opt for renting over buying. The main attraction lies in being able to drive high-end cars at an affordable price, without having to own the car. No hassles of dealing with drivers or paying overheads.

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Each branded paper cup offered 15% off to customers on their next booking. To avail the offer, promo code ‘SUMMER15’ has to be used. Apart from the coupon, the highlights of the service, website details and a QR code which leads to app download were included. With this association, Voler Cars were looking at increased app downloads and user-acquisition.

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The self-drive car rental start-ups are flourishing and changing the way people ‘own’ cars in India. Though the service is now in its nascent stage, over the next few years, it will definitely redefine the automobile landscape as more and more people will move away from owning to renting. Branded paper cups are a targeted medium for a targeted solution like this.

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  • The world is grooming itself digital as well as innovative and creative. On the another track, Rental cars has stepped in the transportation industry with its giant foot. To be unique in the marketing and branding trends, Voler Cars highlights itself by paper cup marketing to stay ahead.

  • Reaching customers between the awareness and consideration stages was essential in obtaining new business. And, its really an awesome way. Brilliant idea!


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