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Creative Marketing Strategy in Enhancing Your Brand’s Image

To strengthen brand image, creative marketing strategies such as cup branding are extremely important. It connects a company to a customer and vice-versa.

There is a preconceived notion that well-known brands do not have to advertise anymore. This is mainly because one feels like the biggies have occupied a large share in the market, and have made it big in their own way with various branding and marketing strategies over a period of time.

That being said, a brand becomes a household name because of advertising. Everything we known today about every product available in the market is because of creative marketing strategies.

If a brand stops advertising thinking it has achieved its objective, it is going to go nowhere. Just as much as increasing brand value is vital for small businesses, it is essential for well-known brands as well including names such as Amazon, Flipkart, Uber, Zomato etc.

marketing on a tea cup

Since these brands have a huge marketing budget, they can distribute their resources to different advertising strategies rather than sticking to one. This means that, if a brand such as Zomato is putting their money on billboards to attract on-going vehicular traffic, it can even leverage on paper cup advertising to connect with audiences during tea breaks at offices and colleges.

Besides being on top of the target group’s mind, we have highlighted few more points as to why well-known brands should advertise to increase brand awareness:

  • The forgetting curve: The forgetting curve hypothesizes the decline of memory retention in time. This means that before a brand is forgotten, the memory needs to be enhanced by introducing and repeating some form of advertising again and again. In order to imprint a solid image in the target audience’s mind, a brand will have to deepen their impressions. Paper cup advertising achieves this for a brand by popping up every single time a person grabs a beverage. By introducing the advertising medium repeatedly, the impression will be strengthened.
  • Cup branding has the ability to inform, persuade, remind and strengthen. It informs an unaware audience of a product and persuades them to take action. For an aware audience, it reminds them that a particular brand is still in the business and creates brand recall, recognition and retention.

Today, we’re all residents of a highly competitive marketplace. If you do not use paper cup advertising, your competitor will. Therefore, if you want to stay on top of the customer’s mind and strengthen your brand value, paper cup advertising will effortlessly do it for you.

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