Creativity during Corona: What Brands are Doing?

The last few weeks have been tough for people across the globe as everyone is fine-tuning themselves to a ‘new normal’ amid the Covid-19 or Coronavirus pandemic.

With many of us practicing social distancing and avoiding crowded places, there seems to be an indefinite timeline of when the situation will actually improve. While there is a paradigm shift in consumer demand, there is also an interruption in supply chains which is posing as a challenge for most businesses today.

During such times, how should a brand move forward? What is the right approach to take without hurting the sentiments of the community and customers? Well, it’s all about displaying empathy. Remember, everyone is being flooded with a vast amount of information and the last thing they would want is an email that is overtly salesy. The goal of your advertising should be to provide helpful information to customers.

4 Brands with Topical Awareness Campaigns during Covid-19

Considering that this is the age of moment marketing where brands are usually the first ones to jump on the newsworthy topic bandwagon, here’s how some of them are responding to this unprecedented global crisis.

Social distancing made simple by Fevicol

Just when there was a surge in the coronavirus cases in India, adhesive brand Fevicol came up with one of the coolest ads. In a move to spread the message of social distancing, they tweaked their iconic logo of two elephants and increased the distance between them. The copy of the ad also had some wordplay which helped reinforcing the message.
  fevicol social distancing covid-19

Dettol and Lifebuoy Handwashing Challenge

Needless to say, hygiene brands stepped in early to issue warnings on how people should conduct themselves during these times. Dettol and Lifebuoy which are household names in India ran handwashing campaigns on TikTok which garnered 24.3 billion and 5.3 billion views respectively. Several users of the video app were seen participating in the challenge and sharing their videos with catchy jingles in the background.
dettol hand wash challenge ad

#CoronaConcierge by OYO Rooms

Budget-hotel aggregator OYO, partnered with Apollo Hospitals to develop accommodation requirements of suspected Covid-19 patients requiring quarantine/self-isolation. Besides taking charge of these makeshift quarantine facilities, the brand has also set up a helpline number for service requests for the quarantine facility. This move was applauded by a lot of people on social media platforms. With this initiative, OYO has definitely been able to create a real social impact and display its brand values.
oyo quarantine centres

Zomato’s Covid-19 related initiatives

Known for its peppy social media posts, Zomato is leaving no stone unturned in playing its part during times of crisis. Urging its followers to practice hand hygiene, they rolled out an ad which read “Germs are tiny. So tiny you can’t see them with your eyes. In fact, there might be millions of them on your fingertips that you used to zoom in and read this.” The post ended with “Please wash your hands before eating”.

zomato coronavirus ad

Besides creating creative social media content, the brand is doing everything they can to support the community. Contactless delivery, strict hygiene, rider relief fund, Covid-19 insurance and feeding foundation are few other ways in which the brand is making a difference.

With such creative initiatives, brands are not just able to create the much-needed awareness but also able to maintain a dignified silence.

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