Cup Advertising that Boosted the Brand Chumbak into Fashion World

Quirky Cup Ads for Chumbak

Today, to be a simple ‘fashion’ or ‘beauty’ brand is no longer desirable. Customers are constantly on the lookout for brands that are quirky, unconventional, off-beat, funky or something that has a culturally-constructed identity. To give customers what they are looking for, are a large number of design-led lifestyle brands such as Chumbak, India Circus, Happily Unmarried, Quirk Box, Bewakoof, and many more among the others.

While these Indian biggie brands are adding the ‘Q’ factor to décor, apparel, handmade goods, accessories and artefacts, they are also going quirky with their marketing methods and advertising campaigns. With so much competition around, of course, their marketing mediums too have to be as unique as their products.

Chumbak is one such brand that decided to choose an innovative marketing medium (Cup Ads) to advertising its offerings.

Chumbak is a Bangalore-based lifestyle brand that sells culturally-inspired products, colourful accessories, apparel and home decor. Incepted in 2010, they started with an office-cum-store, but slowly established a pan-India presence with their large-format stores.

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Whether it’s their products or their marketing, they have maintained a balance with offline and online. As the world is swiftly moving towards online, they are increasingly focussing on their offline stores. They have adopted the same strategy on the marketing forefront as well. Offline marketing methods have very effectively been able to carve a success story for Chumbak.

Personalised Cup Ad Branding Campaign

Though we may live in a digital world, we still crave real life experiences. That’s exactly what GingerCup, coffee cup advertising agency, did for Chumbak.

Our printed paper cup advertising brand campaign helps brands get real with customers. According to Cooladata, “40% of online consumers make a purchase after being influenced by an offline channel.”

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As part of the offline marketing campaign, GingerCup distributed Chumbak branded paper cups in 50 corporate offices all over Bangalore. Our team wanted the custom paper cup ads to look as quirky and unique as the Chumbak products. Thus, we decided to go with red and blue paper cups with an all-over owl and flower print. The branded paper cups also featured a QR code that would take tea/coffee drinkers directly to the summer season sale on the Chumbak website.

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After scanning the QR code, customers would be able to directly avail a flat 10% off on all orders above Rs. 1000, by using the coupon code ‘CUPPA10’. For customers who are comfortable shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, we also listed all the Chumbak outlets in Bangalore on the personalised paper cup.

printed paper cup advertising

Such kind of offline advertising is interactive and engaging. It makes the target audience immediately take action upon seeing something that is visually-attractive.

For quirky lifestyle brands like these, branded tea cup marketing works wonders. Office goers are more likely to shop funky stationery and accessories for their work desk and surroundings. Therefore, advertising up-close to them can drive ROI for your brand.

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