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Cup Branding | Innovative Marketing Tool for Coupon Promotion

Today, marketers are trying all possible means to get their product noticed by potential customers. In such a competitive atmosphere, the need of the hour is to make your products and services stand out in any small way possible. While on-container and takeaway packaging promotions are quite common, marketers are taking their promotions and coupons a step further by using printed paper cups embedded with coupon codes.

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Today, a paper cup is not just limited to serving a beverage. It has become a potent innovative marketing tool.

How Paper Cups have become an innovative marketing tool?

An innovative promotional coupon paper cup is ideal to create and establish an interaction between a vendor and a consumer. Coupon codes are not just attached to the paper cups but are printed into the actual design as well. There are also certain paper cup advertising companies that offer double wall paper cups wherein a coupon code can be revealed by a peel-off section.

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The branded paper cups can be used for serving hot beverages and foods in order to gain the most benefit from the promotion, advertisement or information printed on them.

When a brand uses coupon paper cups, excitement sells itself, and contests or promotions can create that excitement. The use of paper cups is not just limited to printing coupon codes. They can also be used to reveal a prize, unique code, image, lottery number or any message to create interaction.

For giveaways and brand promotions, the medium is ideal. It is the perfect way to kick-start your campaign.

Advantages of using Coupon Paper Cups for Brand Promotion

  • Advertising benefit: When a coupon code is placed directly onto the cup, the chances of the customer retaining the paper cup for longer are higher. It is human nature to hold onto something that has some kind of benefit or reward. This in turn causes more people to get familiar with your brand and logo, thus creating exposure for you.
  • Innovative use for promotions: Rather than handing out coupons or flyers which can fall off at any time, printed coupon cups make advertising a breeze. Every individual enjoys time with his/her cup of coffee. As long as the cup of coffee lasts, they are likely to admire the paper cup, make use of the promotion and take action.

Whether it’s a corporate event, celebration or promotion, a branded paper cup provides an element of exposure that no billboard or brochure can match.

If a coupon paper cups promises something for free or at a special rate, chances are that a customer will hang onto it. A coupon on a paper cup makes a cup more than just a cup. It creates a lasting impression for your business and gives people a chance to use your services.

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Whatever you want to communicate to your customers, branded paper cups are the best way to accomplish it with minimal hassle. It is the most subtle and exciting way to engage with your target audience.

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