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Fast-food joints have been prevalent for decades. However, today, online delivery and brand marketing has given birth to food-tech apps such as Swiggy and UberEats.

Owing to the food-tech revolution, there are a number of delivery companies that supply ordered food and beverages online to customers. These companies have partnered with a wide range of fine dining and fast-food parlours and takeaway restaurants under its umbrella.

Owing to the busy job schedules of people and the convenience associated with takeaway food, there is an influx in food-tech apps such as UberEats, Swiggy, Scootsy, Entrée, Foodpanda, Zomato Order, GrubHub, Pizza Hut, and so on. All these brands are competing with one and other to gain market share in the food home delivery segment.

While word-of-mouth marketing and satisfied customers are the greatest advertising tool for food-tech apps, they are also leveraging on different marketing strategies such as online marketing, social media marketing, offline marketing and paper cup advertising.

Recently, UberEats also unveiled a digital campaign called Purane prices, Naya app’ that paid a tribute to the 90s era. The campaign was designed to infuse creativity on promotions and discounts.

After gaining significant praise for its creative marketing move online, UberEats decided to showcase its creativity offline too by opting for an innovative and creative marketing medium – paper cup ads.

Custom Cup Branding for UberEats

UberEats made its way into the GingerCup office with a single aim – To increase user acquisition and get people to download the app.

Trusting our vision, they decided to run a paper cup advertising campaign in Bangalore. The branded paper cup created for UberEats had a girl and boy having a discussion over a cup of chai. Besides that, every paper cup ran with the slogan ‘your favourite food, delivered faster’.

To urge the beverage drinkers to download the app, the paper cup also ran a promotional offer that would allow the user to avail Rs. 100 off on the first 3 orders, on a minimum value of Rs. 200.

To avail the discount, the user would have to enter the coupon code ‘CUP3’ on the checkout page. The offer could be redeemed any time before 31st October 2018.

These personalized paper cups were distributed in offices and tea stalls in Koramangala area of Bangalore city.

Koramangala is Bangalore’s original start-up hub. There are a large number of co-working spaces, creative offices and thriving start-ups springing up every now and then. Compared to Bangalore’s CBD (Central Business District) area, Koramangala has a large number of top restaurant chains and home delivery options operating. Keeping this in mind, GingerCup decided to restrict the campaign to this specific area.

Considering that in today’s fast-paced world, office goers have no time to prepare home-cooked meals, they rely on food-tech apps and home delivery services, and are thus the perfect target audience to market your offerings during tea breaks.

A similar campaign like this was carried out by GingerCup for Gorb, Little App, Pizza Hut and Yumist.

Why the Fast-food Industry chooses Paper Cup Advertising-Gingercup

The UberEats campaign will mark our third association with Uber. Besides promoting their food-tech app in Bangalore, we have also promoted UberMOTO in Chandigarh and UberPOOL in Pune and Ludhiana.

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