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Today, hospitals and healthcare systems have been spending more on advertising. The main agenda behind every healthcare advertising campaign is educating patients and engaging them as healthcare consumers. Healthcare being a sensitive topic to market needs a responsible and ethical medium to present itself to a potential patient. A subtle way to convince potential customers to choose the services you offer is paper cup advertising. Healthcare providers can choose custom paper cup ads to convince consumers that they offer the highest-quality and most affordable services.

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The average human attention span is only eight seconds. Also, 84% of human learning is based on visual first, text later.

Keeping this in mind, cup branding allows you to communicate with your target audience in a strong, consistent style that enhances your marketing efforts.

It is a great form of visual marketing that helps your target audience recognise, remember and act!

cup advertising for NH hospitals

One challenge most healthcare and hospital marketer’s face is that not every message will suit every audience. For example, advertising to a kidney patient will be different than advertising to a heart patient. This is not the case with paper cup advertising.

It is one such medium that addresses everyone, and can reach all of your target audience. It is in itself a comprehensive marketing strategy that can improve your healthcare or hospital services.

Cup Branding for NH Health City

Recently, GingerCup carried out a simple yet effective cup branding campaign for Narayana Health City. NH Health City is a unit of Narayana Hrudayalaya. It is headquartered in Bangalore, and has a network of hospitals and clinics across the country. The healthcare brand is strongly associated with high quality and affordable healthcare services.

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GingerCup used humble paper cups to promote a simple marketing message ‘Drink more water, keep your kidney healthy’. The main aim was to make the marketing message resonate with the marketing medium. Just as people would use the cup to drink water, they would ponder on the message on the paper cup.

cup advertising for NH Hospitals

GingerCup targeted individuals in corporate offices and IT parks in South Bangalore because NH Health City was looking to promote their multispecialty hospital in Bommasandra Industrial Area. To reach audiences such as consumers, patients, elderly or seniors, the medium works the best.

Gingercup paper cup ad

Also, a survey reveals that 46% of the workforces in organisations in India suffer from some other form of stress which eventually leads to health problems. The stress is related to personal issues, office politics or even performance issues. Keeping these factors in mind, the ideal target audience for healthcare services is corporate offices where they will find all kinds of individuals looking to avail their services.

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With the association, NH Health City was looking to attract potential patients and create awareness on the golden rule to keeping the kidney healthy – drink more water!

With the healthcare sector in India flourishing, the only way the country can become a global hub for medical tourism is by indulging in innovative marketing mediums like cup branding.

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