How Brands can use Localized Marketing to Sell More?

Localized Marketing Strategy for Neighbourhood Targeting

Have you ever noticed that when you search for a certain restaurant online, the first results that pop-up are usually the outlets within the local area? The same theory applies offline as well.

Despite being occupants of a global economy, consumers only care about what’s happening in their neighbourhood. The convenience factor makes them take added interest in a particular business because it is in close proximity to where they live.

Thus, localized marketing is a strategy of advertising something to a nearby audience. Neighbourhood targeting is a sure-shot way of connecting with consumers in their playing fields. It is also a way by which brands can sell more and increase their return on investment.

Who Employs Localized Marketing?

Small businesses are usually the early adapters of localised marketing. Restaurants, retail stores, real estate groups, gyms, chains and franchisees with a single location or outlet usually take advantage of such marketing. They usually deploy neighbourhood targeting strategies to promote a specific location which is often given a miss in national marketing campaigns that are implemented to promote the overall brand name.

Most of the time, the failure of a marketing strategy comes down to targeting the wrong audience. For example, if you have recently taken up a franchisee of a renowned gym chain, it is important for you to let the neighbourhood in that area know about its presence. The same gym may be present in area A, B and C, but if you are the owner of the outlet in area A, your responsibility is to only market to the locals within close proximity to your business.

By doing this, your chances of success are higher and you can increase footfall at a specific branch of a chain.

What is localized marketing? Who should do local marketing?

How Multi-Channel Campaigns Help?

In order to build awareness within a neighbourhood, you may use a number of different strategies and marketing tactics such as word-of-mouth and referrals.

Using run-of-the-mill options such as direct mail or hosting an event in the neighbourhood will not help much. As with any marketing campaign, information is key. Thus, brands should identify mediums that will traverse cultural differences and transcend language barriers, and still strike the right chords in the target group.

A befitting advertising medium that can do the trick is paper cup branding. It works as a moving billboard thus interacting with a target group in that specific area.

Based on where the outlet being promoted is located, branded paper cups can be distributed at colleges, corporate offices, shopping malls and tea stalls where their target audience spends most of their time.

Besides giving the outlet visible presence in the community, it also increases a brand’s prominence in the mental maps of those living within it.

Furthermore, local businesses can use neighbourhood targeting to their advantage to entice a community by imprinting irresistible offers and coupons on the paper cups.

For example, a famous pizza outlet can curate special lunch-time deals for employees of businesses within that area or a retail store can offer discounts to only students of a neighbourhood college. By doing this, the target group is more likely to consider the localised business’ offerings in the future as well.

Localised Marketing Campaign for Unilet Electronics
Localized Marketing Campaign for Unilet Electronics

We at GingerCup have executed localised cup branding campaigns for a myriad of reputed brands including Unilet Electronics, Pride Developers – Pride Enchanta and Rohan Builders – Rohan Akriti amongst others.

To touch the hearts of the consumers in your local business neighbourhood and make sure they recognise you, send an email to



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