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Importance of including Customers in Brand Activation

What is a Brand Activation?

Quite often, if a person wants to learn something, they Google it while if they need something to be photocopied, they Xerox it. The words above have been capitalised because they are not nouns or verbs but brands instead which most people use colloquially.

While Google should be referred to as a search engine and Xerox as a copier, we still continue to refer to the brand itself even if we aren’t using the specific product.

That’s what happens when a brand is embedded into people’s daily lifestyle and purchase habits.

When customers are included in brand activation activities they don’t think twice before becoming a customer again. They literally are your customers for life.

Brand activation is a recent buzzword in the marketing world. It is the process of building awareness for a company by engaging directly with the target audience consumers. It is a kind of experiential marketing that is effective in bringing traffic in-store and online. 

Why Activation Campaigns work for Brands?

Today, many brands are using activations to build popularity for their brand and give consumers an experience that will make them feel truly special and memorable.

By engaging with consumers and involving them in an event, brands are able to foster positive associations, brighten the halo around their brand and make it even more likeable in the long run.

Whether it directly impacts in sales or not, such activities bring a smile on the consumer’s face.

Coca cola brand activation campaign
Coca-Cola Brand Activation

Brand Building through Emotional Engagement

In this hyper-connected world, every brand is looking to carve a specific identity and place in the hearts of the consumers. In order to do this, brands are incorporating emotional engagement as a vital element in their brand activation strategies.

One such brand that has wholly committed to consumer preference and centricity is Coca-Cola. With campaigns like ‘Sabka Thanda Ek,’ ‘Open Happiness’ and ‘Share a Coke’, they have reinvented how brands connect with consumers by using ‘relationships’ as a key element.

From print advertisements to product packaging to television commercials and on-ground activations, the brand’s main focus was impactful emotional engagement.

Similarly, other on-ground events by the brand that had the right ingredients of a great activation programme were Coca-Cola’s Second Lives in Beijing and Coca-Cola Happy ID in Cannes.

This is a major takeaway for all brands looking to build unique and timeless consumer relationships.

Cup Advertising Boosted the Brand Chumbak in Fashion World-Cup Advertising-Gingercup

Cup Branding to create Awareness & Influence Customers

Cup branding is the answer to keep customers happy throughout the lifecycle of a brand.

As occupants of an over-cluttered advertising space, flashy ads do compel the target group initially but fail to develop a bond with them in the long term. The need of the hour is to imbibe some form of connectivity between the brand and the buyer.

The only way brands can convince customers to stick around and engage more frequently with their services is by actively including them in their campaigns. Choose a medium that will create unique and vivid brand experiences in such a way that it encourages recall.

Advertising on a paper cup has the ability to embed a brand in customer’s mind forever. It interacts with the target group up-close during tea breaks in corporate offices.

Instead of just being a powerful selling tool, the medium subtly makes its way in every day conversations thus establishing a bond with the beverage drinker.

Besides strategically placing an ad on a paper cup, a brand can even develop an experiential, on-ground platform to engage with the audience and draw their attention to learn more on the features of the product. Example: Automotive Marketing.

If you’re a brand looking to truly engage with customers and create a lasting first impression through corporate activation, drop an email to

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