India’s largest Ayurveda FMCG Brand Turns to Coffee Cup Advertising

FMCG brands stepping in, the industry is witnessing a whole new dimension. Brands are going forward by innovating and customising herbal products to meet the changing needs of young consumers.Today, Ayurveda in India is experiencing a serious makeover. With FMCG brands stepping in, the industry is witnessing a whole new dimension. Brands are going forward by innovating and customising herbal products to meet the changing needs of young consumers. Another interesting fact about these Ayurveda FMCG and health and wellness brands is that their growth is being fuelled by spiritual gurus that have stepped into business late in life and are still achieving success.

Some of the popular companies that have played a major role in bringing Ayurveda back into the limelight are Patanjali, Hamdard, Sri Sri Tattva, Dabur, Ayush and Baidyanath.

There are no two thoughts about the fact that the Ayurveda revolution has spread throughout the country. The herbal products market is growing at a faster speed than ever before. Owing to this fact, the need of the hour is for leading herbal FMCG players of the country to rethink their advertising strategy.

They are gearing up to reach consumers in a different way as they know that since consumers have started believing in such products and are willing to go for it, the future is bright for them.

These brands are taking on digital as well as offline mediums to establish their dominance. From short films to TV commercials, billboards and branded paper cups ads, Ayurveda brands are leaving no stone unturned. Ayurveda staples, groceries, beverages and personal care products have a massive appeal amongst urban and rural markets as well as older generations that are familiar with traditional herbal ingredients.

The intensifying ad campaigns executed by the brands have earned them visibility and recognition. The country’s Ayurvedic products market is projected to register a CAGR of 16% during 2016 – 2021.

As per of their marketing mix, Sri Sri Tattva (owned by spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) decided to give coffee cup advertising a shot.

Earlier this year, the brand was in the limelight for its massive ad campaign that was rolled out during the Indian Premier League (IPL). They took this grand opportunity to reach out to their target group during the large-scale event that enjoys national viewership. This TVC also launched their tagline ‘Shuddhta Ka Naam’.

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Cup Branding Campaign for Sri Sri Tattva

Recently, GingerCup executed a paper cup advertising campaign for Sri Sri Tattva to promote their health drink – Ojasvita. The campaign was executed in corporate offices in Bangalore. The mini billboard in the form of a paper cup featured the brand logo and tagline along with a QR code that directed tea/coffee drinkers to their website. On scanning the code, first time users would be able to get Rs. 50 off on their purchase.

The paper cup ad also had a line which read ‘Have you tried our herbal health drink yet?’ along with a sign that said ‘Made from 7 power herbs’.

The campaign aimed at attracting individuals in corporate offices to try the health drink. Most working professionals tend to have unhealthy eating habits. To lead them to a healthier lifestyle, the herbal beverage was advertised. Since the product is available in sachets for Rs. 10, it becomes easy for employees to carry it to work. The paper cup ad also read how the beverage can be prepared – ‘Mix with milk and enjoy’.

Office-goers are the perfect target group to advertise health and wellness products. Besides creating the right brand awareness, GingerCup was successful in making people talk good things about the brand that takes a holistic approach towards healthcare.

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