Marketing Strategies in Targeting Audience and Situation

How Situation Marketing is gaining popularity?

There are no two thoughts about the fact that every individual is bombarded every single day with an array of graphical ads. Some ads are receptive to some while they are not to others. The reason behind this is because advertisers and marketers tailor their advertising messages in such a way that only the target group responds to them.

In this blog, we will discuss few examples of how advertisers are successfully using different kinds of promotional media to advertise to different sections of the society and situation marketing.

Advertising to the Visually Impaired

Many brands are striving to make their websites, brochures, infographics and other marketing collateral accessible to the visually impaired. When brands are planning for their campaigns, it is essential that they accommodate the needs of this important demographic.

A company in Indiana, USA, came up with the first and only ever Braille printed paper cup in the world, thus catering to the needs of the visually impaired or partially sighted. Braille printed paper cups are definitely a breakthrough in the world of creative paper cup ads.

braille paper cups

Advertising to the Bald-Headed

Today, there is a huge market for hair transplant. Millions of men and women who experience hair loss problems opt for hair restoration services. Being a targeted service, an ad based on hair transplant will only appeal to those who need to avail such a service. To capture the attention of the target audience, advertisers are opting for powerful billboards. Dr. Dhepe’s Skin City, a Pune-based institute of dermatology used a hard-hitting billboard that compared hair gain to plant growth to attract those who face frequent loss of hair.

hair transplant billboard

Advertising to the Modern Indian Woman

In 2016, launched a TVC called ‘My Conditions Apply’ to give the brand a fresh makeover. With the new brand image, it aimed at catering to the needs of modern, independent and career-oriented women. The ad shows various women laying down their conditions for marriage in a polite but firm way. They would like to keep their name after marriage, keep climbing the career ladder, and be able to hang out with friends and so on. Watch video below:

Situation-based Advertising to a target audience

When demonetisation hit the country last year, many brands were seeing cashing-in on the situation in terms of advertising. Paytm made the most of the situation by promoting its cashless payment option. We at GingerCup also took the opportunity to promote FxKart, a company offering hassle-free exchange of foreign currency. Our entire paper cup advertising campaign was based on the slogan ‘Chai Pe Kharcha’.

paper cup advertising in Bangalore

Today, advertising is changing at a steady pace. The goal of advertisers today is not just selling a product, but making a difference by capitalising on various touch points, using humour or emotion in advertising, situation marketing to a segment that needs the product or service the most.

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