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Marketing is too broad a term to define. More than selling, it is about strategies. It is all about seizing the attention of your target customers. In the world of marketing, unconventional methods have always posed a potential risk, but nonetheless are a part and parcel of any creative task. Risk taking is all a part of the game, and ‘if you don’t try, you’ll never know’. That is exactly what guerrilla marketing is. It is an innovative, inexpensive way to capture and retain the interest of your business audience.

Imagine using cheap and creative tactics to generate hype and accentuate your business. Guerrilla marketing is all what you need to make your business shine.

The power of technology in this modern world is irrefutable. We are so engulfed with internet advertising that we completely forget about the real world and real experiences. As entrepreneurs and small business owners, if you only focus your energies towards online advertising, you’ll miss the bus. The key is to pay close attention to your advertising tactics and create a seamless experience for your target market.

So how does guerrilla marketing work for a small business?

Low-cost with great ROI

Always remember, the more creative and unconventional, the better. Consumers today are so bombarded by advertising that they tend to grow numb to it. Guerrilla marketing is a breath of fresh air because even glutted consumers tend to feel refreshed when they see something new. The innate affordability of guerrilla marketing is one of the biggest advantages for small businesses. If done correctly, it can generate a massive return on investment. Biggies like Coca Cola, Volkswagen and McDonalds have also made use of guerrilla marketing tactics.

Strong brand identity & instantly memorable

In guerrilla marketing, you’re connecting with a ‘real’ audience, and to make a long-lasting impression, the basic philosophy is to surprise the customers. Even a giveaway like a humble paper cup imprinted with your business details, can make your business stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise of competition. Being unique and creative not only bolsters brand identity, but also creates instant memorability.

branded paper cups
Source: GingerCup

From creative business cards to flyers, stickers, paper cup marketing to personalised cards and billboards, guerrilla marketing leaves no stone unturned in bringing out the best out of your business.

If you are looking for more bang for your buck, guerrilla marketing should be your go-to marketing strategy.

The future of guerrilla marketing is great, and in fact is the future of marketing. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Go above and beyond the norm, and create a ripple effect of awareness for your business.

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