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Real Estate Industry chooses Paper Cup Marketing

As the commercial real estate market continues to grow in 2017, the need of the hour is to strengthen the segment by staying ahead of the digital curve. Out of all the real estate agents in your area, what is it that makes you different from the rest? As a real estate marketer, you need to put your customer’s needs first by choosing an approach that is subtle and focuses on humanizing your business. Example: Paper Cup Marketing

ROHAN AKRITI Paper Cup Advertising

Did you know? 75% of a real estate agent’s business comes from referrals and word of mouth.

The digital marketing failures in the real estate industry are quite evident. 45% inquiries on real estate websites never get a response. When it comes to digital marketing campaigns, most of the players in the real estate industry focus on generating traffic and acquiring as many leads as possible with very little emphasis on relevance. This kind of overgeneralised strategy is a big waste of time and money for agents and brokers.

It’s high time that the real estate industry finds a media that focuses on a well-thought out strategy with proven tactics that creates relevant traffic, leads and ultimately clients. A medium that caters to all the above requirements is paper cup marketing.

Rohan Builders, a construction & a real estate company decided to invest its advertising spend on offline medium, paper cup marketing.

paper cup marketing campaign

Founded in 1993, Rohan Builders aims at building a healthy lifestyle for city dwellers and creating a sustainable ecosystem. Rohan Group has diverse interests in real estate, industrial contracting, infrastructure development, and logistics. The group has a range of residential projects in Pune and Bangalore. The group has completed 3 residential projects in Bangalore, and has 4 ongoing projects.

Cup marketing Campaign for Rohan Builders

Rohan Builders entered the GingerCup office with the aim to promote their ongoing residential project Rohan Akriti in Bangalore. The upcoming project is situated in the lush green suburbs of Kanakapura, South Bangalore. The reason they decided to go with paper cup marketing is because they had their target demographic clear in their mind. They were looking to target first-time homebuyers, men and women aged 25-40 and working couples who are on their way to start a family. For a target audience like this, custom paper cups inside corporates work wonders.

cup marketing

Every branded paper cup urged people to take the Rohan Akriti #BrainChallenge – A quiz competition created by Rohan Builders to attract new clients. Each question rewarded the person in some way or the other. From winning a free trip to Goa to winning to Rs. 1000 Amazon vouchers, the challenge was made for people who are looking for exciting discounts on their new home. With the association, Rohan Builders were looking to attract potential clients.

GingerCup conducted a similar pre-launch campaign for Brigade Group. To browse through pictures related to the campaign, click here.

Nothing can get simpler or effective than branded paper cups to promote the offerings of the real estate market.

The medium gives you access to a wide audience, builds your brand and makes sure locals recognise you and your property. Unlike internet traffic that is only converted into leads, paper cup marketing generates leads that are of much value and relevance.

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