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Paper Cup Advertising with Creative Art Work

Creativity has taken the world by a storm. With a multitude of creative minds out there, looks like we’ll never fall short of it. Today, artists are taking their creative juices beyond the dimensions of a traditional canvas. Be it as big as a wall or as small as a plain paper cup, the innumerable instances of creativity are surprising us, one way or the other.

When a Paper Cup meets Branding

If you’re one of those who are in and out of a Starbucks or Café Coffee Day, you can totally relate to how boring it can get to look at a perfectly pristine blank space on a paper cup.

Not just a coffee shop, even sipping your tea or coffee from a plain, white paper cup in office can be frustrating. Looking at a doodle or artwork on a cup is an instant mood changer. It engages with the beverage drinker, and urges him to learn more about it. If there’s something inviting written on it, he may also take a call to action.

Similarly, young artists around the world, and GingerCup, top paper cup advertisers in India, is changing the way people look, hold, touch and feel the paper cups which they come in contact with, daily.

Giving the age-old medium a new lease, we at Gingercup breathe life into disposable paper cups by branding them with wonderful artwork.

Advertising has been on the cusp of creativity from the 1960s, and since then, there has been no stopping. We follow exactly what Stephan Vogel; Creative Head of Ogilvy & Mather says: “Nothing is more efficient than creative advertising. Creative advertising is more memorable, longer lasting, works with less media spending, and builds a fan community…faster.”

Examples of Creative Paper Cup Ads from around the world

In the past year, we saw how Josh Hara, a resident of Ohio, turned regular Starbuck paper cups into legendry Game of Thrones-themed branded paper cups. With his cup comics, he became an internet sensation overnight. He made a morning cup of coffee look and sound much better. Every paper cup he doodled on, described a Game of Throne episode. Initially, he started with one episode, and as he gained encouragement from friends and Twitter followers, he decided to release a personalized paper cup for every episode.

custom paper cups

This is not the first time we are coming across disposable coffee cup branding art. 22 year-old Istanbul artist, Berk Armağan, has also been painting and drawing on paper cups to document his travels, instead of sharing a dozen of photographs. Using streets and buildings as his inspiration, he gets his brush and paint out anywhere and starts. He sells his branded paper cup artwork to fund all his travels.

disposable tea cup advertising

Today, with so much attention being paid to visual creativity, major coffee shops are hiring doodle artists to turn these disposable containers into portable canvases.

In major cities across the world, paper cups have become calling cards. Inked with cheeky puns, quirky artwork and cheerful pick-me-ups, a creative paper cup ad is no longer just restricted to its intended purpose. It has become an advertiser’s most preferred choice of custom cup advertising.

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