Promoting Personalized Birthday Songs with Personalized Paper Cups

A birthday is a great time to celebrate your entry into the world and the joy of life. Celebrating birthdays makes one feel loved by their friends and family. Today, birthdays have moved beyond conventional gifts and traditional cake cutting. Birthdays are looked at as important life events and milestones to eat, drink and be merry. Owing to this fact, a large number of birthday party business ventures have emerged.

From organising birthday parties to catering, personalised gifts, balloons and birthday songs, the birthday business has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Companies that specialise in such services have changed the entire norm of celebrating a birthday. By adding their personalised, magical touch to birthdays, they make sure to make it one of the most memorable days in the life of an individual. Book My Balloons, Ferns and Petals, Gift Cart and Birthday Song with Names are few of the players ruling the personalised birthday gift market.

Despite being the most visible brands, they are always on the lookout for strategies that would help them stay ahead of the curve in the overcrowded marketplace. Today, brands are using a large array of advertising vehicles to communicate their messages.

Personalised paper cups

Keeping this in mind, Birthday Songs with Names approached GingerCup to advertise their offerings through the powerful medium – cup branding.

As the company name implies, the portal specialises in personalising birthday songs with the name of the person.

To advertise their service, GingerCup came up with a vibrant paper cup design. The tagline read ‘Make birthdays memorable with personalised birthday songs’. The portal allows users to choose from over 5000 names across 5 songs for their loved ones. Considering today’s personalised birthday gift market, this is definitely a unique, original and affordable gift. The branded paper cup also featured a coupon code ‘FLAT20’ (Valid till 31/01/2019). On using this code, users would be able to avail Rs. 20 off on purchase of a birthday song.

The personalised paper cups were distributed in corporate offices all over Bangalore city. Corporate offices are the ideal target location to create buzz about services like these. This is one place where employers make it a point to make the birthday of their employees special.

Besides making them feel special, it also makes them feel recognised and motivates them. For one day, it is their day and they are in the limelight. Colleagues are often looking for affordable but sweet ways to make it special for their co-workers. Thus, by taking such ideas into corporate offices via paper cup ads, they are bound to react and succumb to a call-to-action. Chances of an employee visiting the website during a tea break while sipping their beverage are very high. They may do so to understand the concept at that moment, and may decide to use it at an appropriate time when their friend, co-worker or family member’s birthday is approaching.

While the cost incurred with paper cup branding is low, the return on investment is high. To take your personalised service into corporate offices in Bangalore with bespoke paper cups, send an email to or call us at +91-8884442846/47.



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