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QR Code Marketing Campaign | Benefits of QR code in promotion

In today’s world, we see QR codes literally everywhere. You’ve probably seen them in newspapers, magazines and other paper-based publications. First things first, what are QR codes? Quick Response (QR) codes popularly referred to as paper-based hyperlinks are two-dimensional bar codes that connect the physical world with the online world. These codes have been popular on paper-based publications for quite some time now.

Recently,  QR code marketing made their way onto custom paper cups.

Paper cup marketing companies in India have started printing QR codes on their paper cup designs. QR codes open a whole new door to deeply engaging promotional marketing.

It is a great way to communicate with potential customers and provide useful information through these codes. Custom paper cups work as a great branding tool.

QR technology allows cell phone users to scan custom paper cups using the cell phone camera to decode information on a magazine, business card, menu, coupon or website. This integration between print and web via cell phones has created a new dimension of communication to any marketing outreach.

Benefits of QR code in promotional Campaigns:

  • QR codes are really easy to make. Any QR generator website can generate a QR code for your brand for free. Some sites even customise codes to your desired colour.
  • On a standard paper cup, it is difficult to have long URLs or lengthy instructions. Thus, placing these small QR codes on the paper cup is enough to deliver information about your offerings. Since it does not occupy too much space, the brand logo and highlights can also be included.
  • During a tea/coffee break, your target market spends at least 15-20 minutes with a paper cup. You as a brand can capitalize on this moment by branding on paper cups. Also, it’s likely that they’ve got their phone in the other hand or at least within arm’s reach due to which they are instantly urged to take action.

Depending on what action you want your target market to take, you can include QR codes accordingly. You can direct them to:

  • Website/landing page
  • Offers/coupons
  • Call a telephone number
  • Send a text message
  • Download a VCARD
  • View Google Maps location
  • Book tickets to an event/movie/game
  • View social media profile


  • McDonalds used QR codes on their paper cups so that consumers can access nutritional information, and review the amount of carbohydrates, fat and calories in their meal.

Image result for mcdonalds cup with QR code

  • Coca-Cola cups had QR codes, which when scanned would direct drinkers to a Coca-Cola App called Snowball effect.

Image result for coke snowball

  • Tim Hortons headline news cup sleeve redirected users to the Gulf News website to read latest news.

Image result for tim hortons headline news

  • Huhtamaki used heat-sensitive printing on paper cups which keeps the code invisible until the cup is used, and guards the promotional code until the customer actually purchases them. When coffee or any other hot liquid is poured, the heat activates the printing on the label thereby revealing the unique code.

Image result for huhtamaki cup

People these days feed on digital. When you address your target market with paper cup marketing, you can seamlessly pave the way to digital integration. Thus, implementing QR code marketing on custom paper cups is a step in the right direction to deliver more information and offers to your target market.

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