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Tea Breaks: Piping hot ads making your brand the talk of the town

Brands all over the world struggle with a seemingly simple problem: How do we educate our customers on the benefits of our product or service? This comes easy to brands that occupy a niche and have no significant competitors. However, the others find it relatively hard to educate and market their products to a disinterested audience.

The good news is that brands can leverage on tea breaks to attract potential customers and educate them.

Owing to the British lifestyle during the industrial revolution, tea culture has become an important part of a workplace. A tea break at a corporate office is a much-needed break employees take to escape from the work stress. After water, tea is the most consumed beverage across the world. It is the only beverage that embraces the aura to gather a group of people around it. Besides tea breaks and socialising, it is heavily consumed during morning meetings too.

branded paper cup advertising

Today, a cup of tea is not just restricted to a beverage but has become a medium for branding and educating people too. Moreover being tasty and refreshing, it gives an individual a moment to stop and think without any distraction.

With paper cup advertising, a brand can educate a group of people during the mid-afternoon ‘me moment’ or at any time of the day when they need an indulgent pick-me-up. By simply putting an advertising message on a paper cup, a brand can leverage tea-time content to increase sales. They can create content that adds value, informs, inspires, educates, entertains and engages with the target group.

In the quest of providing informative content to their potential customers, a brand’s core credentials can also be highlighted.

Newbie’s and lesser known brands such as EarlySalary, Drivezy, Grubhub, Zzungry etc. can effectively use paper cup branding to create awareness and become a topic of discussion amongst their target group. There are many people out there, who are blindly using a food-tech app or self-drive car rental app without knowing anything about the brand or the benefits. They use it, and then forget about it. With cup branding, advertisers can create relevance for a brand no matter how big or small it is. The next time the target audience uses the app or service, they are bound to remember the marketing message they came across via the paper cup. Moreover generating sales, your brand becomes the talking point and with word-of-mouth, they become unpaid advocates for your brand.

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