The Dos and Don’ts of Branding during a Global Crisis

Right now, the entire world is gripped under the effect of COVID-19. While it has impacted all aspects of life, a lot of people have accepted it as a new reality. Though certain industries and businesses have halted communication and marketing, there are some segments where customer communication is imperative.

Airline and travel industry, and ecommerce platforms are continuing with their key communications. However, do brands that come under these categories know how to advertise sensitively yet impactfully? While there are some companies that are prepared for crisis communication, what happens to the others that are hitting the wall?

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large brand, advertising during a global pandemic or crisis needs utmost care and attention. There are certain dos and don’ts that could save the day for you.

Dos and Don’ts of Communication & Messaging during COVID-19



Adjust your Brand Voice

If your brand voice is peppy and free-spirited, now is the time to tweak it slightly. Remember, your audience is not consuming content the same like they always have. Adjust your tone slightly and focus on facts. Whether it’s writing ad copy or sending out an email, keep a calm yet objective tone throughout.

Be Authentic

In times like these, authenticity wins. The best way to establish strong connections with your customers is by remaining true to your brand and its values. Around 64% of consumers want brands to communicate their values through responsible messaging.

Revisit your Creative

During a global pandemic, you wouldn’t want to get on to the wrong side of people. Thus, it’s important to revisit your ad, and read and listen to communication so that it adheres to the demands of the changing market. Also, make sure to pull down planned advertisements. They can wait. Now is the time to ensure your ads are well-created, useful and empathetic.



Share Insensitive Content

Consumers sometimes feel that brands exploit a situation to promote their brand. COVID may be a trending hashtag, but this isn’t a time to pitch a new campaign or the time to ‘go viral’. If you really want to create a positive campaign, start by showing solidarity in your messaging. Make sure your ad copy is not insensitive and does not induce fear or panic.

Send Updates just for the sake of it

Ask yourself if it’s really necessary to communicate with your customers and send out a weekly newsletter? Just because some other brand is doing it that doesn’t mean you should too. Don’t look at capitalising on the frenzy. Crisis communication is particularly necessary for brands that need to convey important event updates/cancellations or information on how to access a company’s services remotely. During such times, brands that supply essentials should also resort to thoughtful messaging and branding.

Broadcast the same Message to Everyone

Think about the people who are associated with your brand and only send messages to them. Now is not the time to broadcast information.

Marketing during a global crisis is not a one-size-fits-all deal. Be mindful of the current situation and attune your messages in the best possible way even if that means editing your communication again and again.

Stay Safe!


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