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The Power of Branding In-flight using Paper Cups

Today, traveling by air is no longer a luxury. With major airlines giving fares at throwaway prices, everyone can fly. The low-cost carrier Air Asia also has its tagline – “Now Everybody Can Fly”. With flying becoming accessible to a large section of the society, don’t you think it’s time to take your brand to newer heights (literally) using in-flight advertising media such as paper cups?

The airline passenger journey, from home to boarding the plane and beyond is full of experiences, both dynamic and emotional. With so many media messages and retail choices on the way, there is a certain change in the emotions and the impact they have on the passenger’s state of mind. Advertising on paper cups in a comfortable ambience strikes the right emotions.

Before you engage in in-flight advertising, it is very important for you to determine how you would like your brand to talk/engage with your audience at 35,000 feet?

It is important to determine what media airline passengers will respond to while traveling.

Engage with the right audience with inflight ads

Advertising on an in-flight magazine will only result in passengers flipping through the pages to get rid of their boredom. Branding on a boarding pass or cabin baggage tag isn’t going to be of any help either as the former will just go into the pocket of the traveller while the latter once attached to the bag will be swept away in the process of dragging the luggage.

The best way to engage with an annual traffic of 13 million on flights is paper cup advertising. Advertising on paper cups is bound to make an impression. Passengers these days are way past magazines for product listings. In the age where people can switch on their mobile phones during the flight, they are not so keen on browsing the back-seat pocket in-flight magazines unless you convey your message in a really special way.

Airlines have done it all, from digital catalogues to back seat posters, aircraft interior listing and promotions.

Brand engaging on paper cups is a clutter breaking expression that would immediately catch the attention of the passengers; entice him/her to learn more about the product, its pricing and why it’s good for him/her to buy it.

Brands can even use paper cups as a catalyst to make people read more about them in the in-flight magazine.

Image: Illy premium coffee branded paper cups on United Airlines flights

Water is a basic necessity. Airlines these days are ditching plastic water bottles for paper cups to serve water. An average passenger on a 3 hour long flight is likely to consume 3-4 paper cups of water. This means your ad is viewed by him those many times. Apart from that, advertising on paper cups offers great visibility not only to the user, but also passengers on the adjoining seats. It is a great way to place your brand in the hands of the target group. A survey suggests that 60% of all passengers use paper cups inflight.

paper cup marketing by GingerCup

Why choose paper cup marketing for in-flight ads?

  1. You get to engage with people from all walks of life
  2. Your marketing message gets higher visibility in a zero-competition environment
  3. Higher attention span of target group
  4. Ability to reach a wide target group including HNIs, students, professionals and entrepreneurs who travel in and out of the country for leisure and work.If you are looking to advertise the offerings of your brand in-flight via paper cup advertising, send an email to

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