Top 3 B2C Marketing Strategies to get to know your Audience

Understanding B2C Marketing

Let’s accept it that we live in a world driven by different forms of marketing. Whether it’s known or unknown to you, on an everyday basis, you are bombarded with marketing messages from the time you wake up in the morning.

However, as a marketer, are you constantly plagued by challenges? We spoke to a few B2C marketers to understand the common challenges they face in the advertising journey.

Most of them revealed that understanding buyer personas is one of the most difficult challenges they face.

Well, in the past, marketers have used focus groups and surveys to understand who their customers are. However, the advent of technology in the last decade has given them the opportunity to have loads of data on their fingertips and get to know their customers better.

If you’ve been hitting the wall understanding buyer personas in the B2C market, these strategies may help you:

3 Effective B2C Marketing Strategies

  • Connect with prospects on a human level: When it comes to B2C marketing, your base should be more consumer-oriented. If you are focussed on building relationships with your prospects, you must treat them like human beings. Whether it’s on social media or offline, create content that’s authentic to your voice and brand. Cup branding is one way in which you can create an experience for your TG and help them understand what you’re all about.
    coupon marketing strategy
  • Contests: When you host a contest, you give your customers a chance to engage with you while providing them with an incentive. Noodle-brand, Maggi, created a sense of excitement by hosting a friendly competition handle asking its followers to curate a unique localised flavour for the noodle-based dish. With responses pouring in, the brand finally launched four exciting flavours. This simple act made a huge impact and resulted in social media frenzy.
    maggi flavours of india to target B2C market
  • Virtual or Augmented Reality: If you are looking to attract, convert and retain customers, experiential marketing is the norm. If a customer needs a particular product, show them that you have it for them by highlighting the benefits and features using visualisation that comes from this type of technology. This gives your target market the chance to see how exactly your product will fulfil their needs.

Remember, a well-rounded B2C marketing strategy can make all the difference to your overall bottom line.

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