Top Healthcare Marketing Strategies for 2019

Importance of Healthcare Marketing

Today, modern healthcare services have improved a lot more than what they used to be a few years ago. Gone are the days when patients would just consult their nearest doctor. Having become more aware, patients are even ready to go an extra mile if a doctor has proven expertise in his field.

But, the question is how do you let your target group know about your expertise and speciality? For your practice to grow, you need an effective healthcare marketing strategy. With a fancy website, you only have half the job done. Besides understanding your target market, you have to deploy strategic marketing tactics that will help in building goodwill and make your patients feel positive about you.

Upcoming healthcare marketing trends of 2019

Emerging Healthcare Marketing Trends

In order to keep patients invested and engaged, it is extremely vital for brands to keep pace with emerging marketing trends. Healthcare marketing in 2019 is all about working harder to connect with the consumer, addressing their specific needs and including a myriad of channels in a marketing mix.

Here are some emerging trends, hospitals and healthcare marketers need to focus on:

  • Patients want healthcare websites to incorporate tools such as online scheduling, bill pay, e-visits and the ability to renew prescriptions online.
  • Video marketing will continue to explode as a marketing medium. A video on the landing page of a website is likely to increase conversions by 80%.
  • Strategies will have to be framed keeping in mind the millennial patient. This segment insists on convenience and thus is likely to react only to mediums that appeal to them.
  • Online reviews will become more important than ever and thus it is important for healthcare marketers to encourage their happy patients to speak out for their brand.

Today, there is an increasing demand for specialised healthcare in India. Rising patient awareness and technological ubiquity are the major factors.

Health-tech is a dynamic sector that is showing major signs of advancement through the use of digital technologies such as analytics, internet of things, and mobile and wearable technologies.

Keeping in mind this growth, there is a steady rise in investments in the health-tech sector. Earlier, health-tech did not gain traction because companies were still catering to tier-1 consumers. Today, the whole ballgame has changed and the same sector has hit an all-time high with $510 million being invested across 80 health-tech start-ups.

advertising on a paper cup

Why Health-tech Start-ups are failing?

Most health-tech start-ups often crash even before getting their products in the market because they utilise run-of-the-mill healthcare marketing strategies.

Healthcare marketing is all about educating healthcare consumers and engaging them. Being a sensitive topic to market, healthcare needs a responsible and ethical medium. A subtle medium to convince potential patients to choose the services you offer is paper cup branding.

Being a great form of visual advertising, it communicates your brand message in a strong and consistent style.

Healthcare and Hospital Marketing-Creative Paper Cup Ads-Gingercup

Cup branding is also a sure-shot way to target millennial patients who are always on the move and often unprejudiced to marketing messages. It is also a great way to create awareness amongst a target group about the growing health issues and how they can be tackled. Such marketing mediums give a chance to stop, think and then act.

In the recent past, GingerCup has executed cup branding campaigns for renowned names in the healthcare industry including Narayana Health City, Cloudnine Fertility Center, Indira IVF Clinic and Modasta.

If you are looking for a marketing strategy for your health-tech start-up or healthcare centre, we’ll be more than happy to help. Drop an email to or call 088844 42846.

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