Unilet Electronics chooses Cup Branding in their Marketing Mix

In a market that is rapidly embracing online retail, brick and mortar electronic stores still hold good. Retailing in India is a strong pillar of our economy and makes up for about 10% of the GDP. The Indian retail market is estimated to be US$ 600 billion and is the top 5 retails markets in the world by economic value.

Today, technology has engulfed a major portion of our lives. We cannot possibly imagine a day without using our phones, heating food in a microwave or just opening and closing the refrigerator several times. Owing to our large dependence on electronic products and household appliances, several large-format shops that offer a combination of products and brands have popped up recently to add value and bring convenience to our lives. Some of the major electronic store chains include Reliance Digital, Croma, Lotus, Unilet and Girias. These companies have changed the face of electronic retail in India.

With so many players competing to secure market share, the advertising strategy has to be pretty darn good in order to survive. Brands are leveraging on both online and offline channels to build trust and reliability amongst their target audience.

Advertisements on Coffee Cups for Unilet

Recently, GingerCup carried out a custom paper cup branding activity for Unilet Electronics.

Unilet Electronics is a large-format electronic store based out of South India. They have a wide range of household appliances and gadgets from renowned brands such as LG, Haier, Panasonic and Samsung. Their product range includes LED TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, mobile phones and air conditioners amongst others. In Karnataka, they have 40 full-fledged stores.

Prior to approaching GingerCup, Unilet mainly resorted to traditional full-page newspaper advertisements and pamphlets. With cup advertising, the brand mainly wanted to create a high impact in the OOH (Out-of-home) environment.

Unilet has been making conscious efforts towards providing their customers a hassle-free and easy shopping experience. To encourage more shoppers to visit their store, we at GingerCup distributed branded paper cups in corporate offices in Bangalore. Owing to a large number of IT parks and offices present from Marathahalli to the Silk Board junction, our prime distribution was limited to the demographics of these areas.

For the campaign, we came up with two paper cup variants. The first variant had the Unilet and LG logo with an overall print of home appliance vector graphics and a QR code that would direct tea and coffee drinkers to the Unilet website. The second paper cup variant was the same in all aspects except that the LG logo was replaced with the Haier logo.

To advertise home appliances and electronic gadgets, office-goers and corporates make up the ideal target demographic. They are the ones who are most likely to have shifted their home closer to their workplace and are the ones who need to buy home appliances. A survey reveals that office-goers are the ones who care the most about discounts and deals on home appliances. Also, since they are individuals with a higher degree of disposable income within the community, they are more likely to react to react to advertising messages like these in the first instance.

To advertise products of mass relevance, paper cup advertising is the perfect medium. Since the medium interacts with the target group up-close during tea breaks, it creates a significant impact and identity for the brand.

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