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Places to display your logo that actually work

Your graphic designer has just designed the most perfect logo for your brand. Now, what do you do with it? From the day your logo is ready, it should appear everywhere. Remember, it is the face of your brand!

Of course there are few obvious places where you logo has to be displayed such as office signage, branded material, stationery, website, business cards and social media platforms. But, just putting your logo in these usual places are not enough in today’s highly competitive world.

Placing your logo in diverse mediums allows them to perform the way they should. Getting creative with your logo placement can create a win-win strategy for you.

For marketing to be effective, it does not have to be expensive. Putting your logo in quick, easy and affordable locations will give your brand the visibility it needs.

In this blog, we will discuss some out-of-the-box places where you can place your logo to maximise exposure and create brand recall. These places help a marketer break through the clutter and throw an ad at a place where it is least expected.

Brand Promotion on ice cubes

Branding on ice cubes is something most bars and pubs are adopting today. Having already put their logo on napkins, coasters and matchboxes, looks like ice cubes is the new entrant. The floating ice cube in a drink bears the advertisers logo on it. The medium may sound and look cool, but is not the ideal way of branding. The logo would instantly begin to melt as it is immersed in the drink. Here’s an image of McDonalds branded ice cubes.

top paper cup advertisers in india

Beverage containers

When we think of beverage and takeaway containers, there are plenty of places where you can put your logo. From putting your logo on plastic bottled water to takeaway paper cups, your logo will go places. Referred to as paper cup branding, the medium is fool-proof and gives your brand the attention it deserves. People in offices and colleges can used these branded paper cups to make their coffee or they can also be distributed at a tradeshow or event. Disposable cup branding is cost-effective and clutter-free with an exposure time of 5-7 minutes. The below paper cups are branded by the top paper cup advertisers in India, GingerCup.

Turning human face into billboard

Ernst & Young paid two students from to use their face as advertising space. Two debt-ridden students were ready to do this, and got the EY logo painted on their cheek. It sounds bizarre, right? But, this actually happened. Once a logo is painted on the face of a person, it is then seen by everyone as they move around in high-traffic locations. It may sound like a fabulous move, but it is temporary.

guerrilla marketing


Give your staff t-shirts, caps and other items that feature your brand colours and logo. It not just reinforces branding, but also helps potential customers’ identify with your business. Your staff becomes walking advertisements. It is also a smart move to wear logo apparel at tradeshows and exhibitions.

cup advertising

First impressions are last, especially in business. Put your logo where customers are looking to create strong brand promotion, brand recognition and brand awareness.

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