Ways to Avoid Brand Fatigue in an Increasingly Ad Saturated World

You may be the best brand in your industry right now and customers too swoon over your products, its quality, price and so on. However suddenly, have most of your favourite customers stopped shopping from you?

Well, no matter how many loyal customers you have, the relationship between your brand and them is susceptible to change. We’re all occupants of an increasingly ad saturated world where loyalty is short-lived and customers are easily distracted.

If your brand fails to keep up with the market’s ever-changing needs and habits, you will inevitably get dumped. Are you the same brand that once inspired fond feelings and thrilled customers? Stop and think – what is it that made your brand irrelevant in an overcrowded marketplace?

May be your failing to innovate or your trying too hard?

A lot of times, marketers bombard their customers with too much marketing material in an attempt to stay relevant. In the quest to attracting them to your brand, you end up alienating them.

This marketing phenomenon refers to as ‘Brand Fatigue’. It occurs when too many promotional messages are sent at once. While it doesn’t happen overnight, if left unchecked, it can damage your business beyond repair.  

To stay fresh year on year, you need to ‘innovate’ before the word becomes redundant.

Hacks to Stay Away from Brand Fatigue

If you want to prevent your brand from vanishing into obscurity and becoming a victim of brand fatigue, follow these tips:

  1. Authenticity: In an attempt to stay relevant, a lot of brand end up following trends instead of setting trends. This may fetch you short-term likes and views but in the long-run, such content is going to take you nowhere. As a brand, stay authentic to your roots. For example, topical content is very popular these days. However, sooner or later, the fun fizzes out. Just because someone else is creating content related to ‘Sacred Games’, doesn’t mean you do too. You need to build your own style and stick to topics your audience finds relevant. People are starting to feel disgust with brands using the same tactics.
  2. Practice moderation in your brand messaging: A lot of marketers feel that if they reduce the number of messages they send out to their audience, how they will remain visible and relevant. Remember, quality matters not quantity. Constant content bombardment causes brand fatigue not fresh ads and creative content.
  3. Don’t get in their way: Your brand messaging should not be intrusive. If your message interrupts the audience, they will probably disregard your message by stop looking or listening to it. Thus, it is important to be in control of how you are perceived by your audience.

Brand fatigue is real and you should be concerned with it. The bottom line is, don’t be annoying, be engaging instead. Provide value to your customers, make things exciting and inject life back into your marketing messages.

Natasha Gupta

Natasha is a content writer, fashion enthusiast and connoisseur of food. Juggling between passion and profession, food and words are always on her mind. She believes in her dreams and herself. Reviewing restaurants and movies, and writing about trending topics excites her.

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