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What Is Viral Marketing | Some Examples with Brand Strategies That are Trending

Hub of Viral Marketing

You will find that this happens fast, through people, and by words. Viral marketing is a recent technique that has helped many individuals to grow their personal brands. It has also helped market corporates and resulting in more sales from new and existing customers.

The nature of messages shared to enhance viral marketing is short, easy and they are catchy. Even though they can be passed by word of mouth, you may notice that the different available social media platforms are one of the main hubs for such texts.

Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat are some of the examples of viral marketing social media platforms. You may choose to have an employee who runs your company’s page on social media for you. As a professional, he or she would employ the most recent techniques to handle marketing online in order to develop your company or business.

Top five marketing campaigns that are viral

If you have a company or a business whose sales you would want to boost, you may consider engaging your existing customers to help you pass messages as viral marketing strategy. Some of the top marketing campaigns that have gone viral are as follows;

1.    LoveWins

This common hashtag was adapted by brands after the Supreme Court in the United States made a ruling that favored same-sex marriages. The LoveWins hashtag was tweeted and retweeted across the world.

In addition, big brands made a homepage that resembled a rainbow and used the same hashtag. Some of these brands allowed individuals to customize their profiles and that invited many people to try the new profile look.

Consequently, other industries joined the party to use this hashtag. Some of the brands that employed common hashtags for examples of viral marketing are; Mentos, with their paired same colors saying that same colored pairs are beautiful, Gap is also another brand with its slogan ‘Equality is always in style,’ and they use the hashtag lovewins.

2.    Bowl Moment created by OREO

If you like to follow football, you may recall a time there was darkness during super bowl XLVII in 2013. There was blackout for half an hour in the Superdome and marketers had to rethink their strategy fast.

Oreo was quick to generate a relevant and timely advert. It had the words, ‘power out? No problem’ and they put a little light with the rest of the caption reading ‘you can still dunk in the dark.’ A huge number of online users related with it and made it viral.

3.    Strait outta

If you search up the words straight outta only, on your social media handles’ homepage, you will find thousands of users who use these words followed with names of a place.

This illustrates how common this phrase has become thanks to the Compton meme Straight Outta, created by Beats by Dre a headphones’ company. The company did this while they were promoting a movie and it became a quick way of marketing brands.

4.    The dress

Celebrities are brands too that need to be promoted. Those who love a certain Caitlin singer may remember a time she put a photo on Tumblr of her dress.

On a part of the caption, she posed a question to know the color of the dress she was wearing as it was not sure it was either gold and white or black and blue. Brands also joined on the dress debate, and in the process, they practiced the viral way of marketing their name.

5.    ‘Deez Nuts’ – Frontier Airlines

The Deez nuts campaigns on the internet that surrounded a fictional candidate for presidency forwarded by a minor from Iowa was very famous.

Another company used this when it instructed its customers to use the promo code DEEZNUTS to get 50 percent waived.

As much as there was tension, and it was a strenuous season, people found this funny, and this marketing went viral creating traction for the company helping it gain more sales.

Ideas for Viral Marketing

Ideas for Viral Marketing

You may borrow from the above-listed examples of viral marketing to create ideas for viral marketing for your company or business. One such idea would be branding a school bag for school going children.

It could be by making a bag that resembles a famous cartoon in the city, and collaborating with a snack that kids love. A business that does candy could collaborate with company that makes cartoons.

Another idea would be for a firm to work with the ‘minion’ film animation making company to make a cup that resembles a minion. According to research, children prefer fancier cups than adults do and this would be a good package for parents with younger children across the globe.

Some ideas for viral marketing would be local, and therefore, it is up to you as a business holder to ensure you have a grasp of the current affairs.

Why viral marketing is a must do

Whether you are a technology related company or just a vending company, viral marketing is necessary for your business.

In modern times, there are many social media users and platforms, and therefore your business must not miss online presence at least in one or two major platforms.

Secondly, some hashtags last longer than others do and so you may bump into a hashtag whose fire is fizzling out. This should not worry you because users come up with many and you just do not know which one will boost your brands and give it the biggest leap you have been yearning for.

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