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Why choose Paper Cups for Office Beverages?

Daily beverages in a corporate office

Nothing keeps office employees through a day’s work than their morning joe. Every individual needs their daily dose of caffeine as they reach work. In India typically, the pantry manager is given the duty to distribute tea, coffee, green tea or any other beverage to all the employees. Many offices are switching to “bring your own mug” policy. However, keeping in mind the shocking reality of ceramic mugs, it is a wise decision to shift to the use of paper cups.

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Ceramic mugs are considered as the most germ-infested items in the office. A recent study by a renowned scientist revealed that the bacterial germs associated with a ceramic mug of coffee are larger than even a toilet seat with germs. 20% of ceramic coffee mugs contain faecal bacteria while 80% are infested with other dangerous germs.

Do you still find this hard to believe? Well, let’s find out where all these bacterial germs come from. The office desktop and general surface area contains twice the amount of germs and bacteria found in the bathrooms. Employees spend nine hours of their time in their work area and interact with different individuals every single day. Germs from people, their desktops and office stationery sit in your workstation and lasts there forever. Even a worker’s touch with their hand contains over 10 million germs.

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The average time a worker holds and grips the coffee mug is enough for germs to pass on from his hand to the mug. The truth behind this is that ceramic mugs are not disinfected or washed thoroughly in the office pantry.

For a ceramic mug to be germ-free, it has to be cleaned with hot, soapy water. It should be hot enough to kill all the accumulated germs. However, office employees are engrossed in bigger matters as opposed to the mundane task of cleaning a mug.

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For these reasons, corporate offices must switch to paper cups. Disposable paper cups promote personal hygiene and safety.

Here are some advantages of choosing paper cups over ceramic cups to serve beverages:

  • A healthier choice: A paper cup is meant for one-time use. They are a healthier choice as they cannot spread germs or bacteria. Since a ceramic mug is used repeatedly, the health hazards associated are bigger.
  • Paper cups are lighter: Since paper cups are light, they are easy to roam with in the office premises. Lesser chance of spillage occur, and they can be dumped into the office bin.
  • Cost-effective: As opposed to ceramic mugs, paper cups are a cost-effective alternative. They are easier to deal with in general. The number of times you have a hot beverage will require you to clean it those many times during the day. This not just results in waste of time and energy, but also water wastage. With a paper cup, an employee can enjoy his beverage at his own sweet time, and dispose it responsibly.
  • They are eco-friendly: A company that uses paper cups can tie up with a recycling company to ensure all the paper cups used by the workers are recycled.

Around the world, more and more corporate offices are shifting to paper cups. They are preferred for their hygiene and health safety.

Paper cups also give advertisers a chance to reach out to a wider segment inside corporate offices by advertising on them. Keeping these points in mind; now is the time to switch to paper cups for your office beverages.

The demand for paper cups in India is all set to rise 8% annually through 2019. If you want free paper cups for your office, send an email to



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