Why Run a Test Campaign before Mass Advertising?

Why Test your Ad?

It’s virtually impossible to build a successful business without advertising. It’s as good as opening a business but telling nobody about it.

We’re pretty sure most businesses put their money on some form of advertising, be it social, offline or digital. However, are your marketing campaigns performing as well as it should?

The thought of advertising can be extremely exciting. Imagine you have the entire campaign planned out which includes choosing the advertising medium and zeroing down on the target audience. The day comes when the campaign is about to be rolled out, and suddenly you feel like this is not what you were expecting or the results are simply unsatisfactory.

What do you do then?

The whole campaign goes for a toss. Remember, advertising is a costly, high-stakes venture. While great ads boost your brand and garner interest in your products and services, terrible ads not only fail to deliver against your investment but also tarnish your brand image.

A fool-proof way to prevent this from happening is running a pilot campaign.

A pilot campaign is referred to a small-scale campaign that is initiated to check the viability of a particular marketing medium before mass advertising. It is a simple process of vetting your ad concepts with a sample of your market to make sure you get the most bang for your advertising buck.

Importance of an Insight-driven Ad Testing Process

The main idea of running a pilot campaign is to avoid wasting resources and to use insights from it to make it ready for prime time and to a larger audience.

During the pilot phase, we would recommend rolling out different versions of the same ad with different CTAs. This will, you can easily measure the effectiveness of the campaign to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s also a great way to validate the idea and generate leads at the same time.

Also, you must always define what you are testing. Instead of putting your money on one expensive marketing medium, how about testing few smaller mediums?

If you have any thoughts on running a pilot campaign, let us know!

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