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Why the Fast-food Industry chooses Paper Cup Advertising?

Indians have been long admired for their excellent eating habits and table etiquette. However, the brilliant eating culture of India is being replaced by takeaway meal options as the people of India are quickly adapting. Looking at this change in consumer behaviour, multiple food delivery apps such as Swiggy, UberEats, Scootsy, Entrée etc. have been launched. Rather than eating at a restaurant or hotel table, people prefer consuming their meals on the go or getting it delivered in the comforts of their home. Some of the reasons include busy job schedules and convenience associated with takeaway food.

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Paper cup advertisements marketing the fast-food industry

Looking at this pattern, fast-food and quick service restaurants (QSRs) and food delivery apps are slowly shifting their marketing spend on takeaway food containers and printed paper cups. According to them, the best way to garner the attention of a customer is ‘on the move’.

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Why an advertiser should consider advertising on takeaway paper cups and containers?

  • Growing number of busy food consumers: Tight working schedules have forced many employees to prefer takeaway foods. A takeaway order saves time compared to dining in a restaurant. Quite often, we see people on a street and in trains eating from takeaway food containers. When you as an advertiser put your brand on these containers, it is viewed by a large demographic of people. It is human tendency to be drawn to any fancy looking object. When a co-passenger sees a striking paper cup, he will be curious to find out more.
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  • Changing trends in the food industry: With so many trends in the food industry, restaurants too have to adapt to latest mediums of advertising. When it comes to advertising on paper cups, people are more comfortable with them as it is convenient to consume the beverage on-the-go as they are in a rush to get to work. The takeaway trend is not just seen in restaurants, but also in cafes and bakeries.
  • Food delivery apps influence customers: According to a recent survey, most people prefer ordering their food online on food delivery applications. This has further pushed the demand for takeaway containers. Restaurant owners are introducing printed paper cups with innovative packages to encourage more people to order their foods. Without moving to the actual point of sale, customers can enjoy their meals in fancy packaging, of course.

This demand for takeaway foods has forced fast-food restaurant owners to invest in takeaway and printed paper cup advertising.

Indian FoodTech start-ups have been successful in engaging networks of subscribers who are actively interested in ordering food and discovering deals within the premises of their home, office or college. It is indeed a powerful way of promoting a new, interesting or exciting brand that is based around the goal of attracting meaningful followers rather than just boosting numbers.

Here is a campaign GingerCup carried out for Pizza Hut.

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