You are not Everyone’s Cup of Tea, but you can be on Everyone’s Cup of Tea

The popular American-English idiom, ‘Not my Cup of Tea’ has been used for years across the globe. It clearly means ‘not to everybody’s liking or taste, or not applicable to everyone’.

The phrase ‘Cup of Tea’ can be applied not just to an individual but to anything such as sports, languages, hobbies, advertisements, politics, etc.

Here are few questions….

Are you struggling to connect your business with your target audience?

Do you ever feel like your marketing campaign is not pretty-darn good?


Do you simply feel like your brand is just not ‘everyone’s cup of tea’?

If any of the above questions bother or plague you, we understand the struggle, and that’s exactly why we are here to help you.

The success of every business largely depends on the kind of techniques it adopts to sell its products to a customer. To keep up with the changing needs of customers and trends, businesses too are required to up their advertising game.

A brand that is not so popular today might become popular tomorrow. Its high time brands celebrate themselves for what they really are. As a brand you may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can definitely be on everybody’s tea cups by engaging in compelling advertising that triggers strong emotions and grabs attention.

Advertising on a tea cup is one of the marketing techniques that can hit out of the park for your brand. As a brand, if you are looking to create maximum impact, customised tea/coffee cups with brand logos is a smart choice.

In fact, brands that engage in distinctive and brave advertising have an advantage. For example, Volkswagen’s ‘Think Small’ campaign in the 1950s changed the world of print advertising forever. Though the campaign did not go down too well with the masses, it was eventually shared and talked about by a lot of people in America.

Volkswagen paper cup branding

Therefore, if you ever feel like your brand is not everyone’s cup of tea, engage in distinctive advertising that will put it on everyone’s cup of tea. There will be a lot of people who will love your brand what it truly is, and these are the people who will slowly become loyal to your brand.

Depending on your budget and need, we at GingerCup offer branded paper cups to suit your requirement and connect with your target group in the best possible way.

The marketing possibilities with cup branding is not just limited to creating buzz, but also can help brands acquire new customers, sustain brand image, drive traffic to a website and help in the launch of a new product/service.

brave and out of the box advertising

Being a subliminal form of advertising, putting your brand on a tea cup attracts the sub-conscious or deeper mind. Most people view a paper cup as a receptacle for a hot beverage, unaware of the fact that they are subtlety being persuaded by the advertising brand.

Next time your target group reaches for their morning cup of joe, make sure they’re greeted by an attractive tea cup that speaks volumes of your brand.

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