5 Innovative Ways to Excite your Customers

Importance of Customer Engagement Experiences

In today’s information-rich world, marketers are facing an enormous challenge. With exposure to an explosion of information every single minute, consumer’s attention spans have become unavoidably scarce. Even if they have little time to donate a glance to an ad, their mind tends to become fatigued very quickly.

So, how do marketers grab the attention of a disinterested consumer in a distracted world? Instead of simply working towards the message, location, and timing of your advertisement, how about utilising innovative ways to excite your customers?

Did you know? Excited and engaged customers bring in 23% more profits.

Excitement is an emotion that fosters engagement. When you lay a positive experience for your customers, your brand becomes a part of their personality and they feel deeply connected to it. By 2020, customer experience will definitely overtake price.

In this blog, we’ve discussed five customer engagement strategies that will excite your customers in this ultra-connected digital age.

5 Ways to Grab Customer Attention

  • Behind-the-Scenes Experience: If you are selling a product, you need to let your clients know that it is worth their money. When your brand name isn’t something like Louis Vuitton, it’s quite a quandary. Even if you throw in some attributes on the price tag, you are not going to able to convince people to jump over this hefty psychological hurdle. Instead of simply selling the product, why not give your target group an inside look? A genuine look into how the product was made and the process can really help your product sell. Also, taking customers behind the scenes humanizes brands.
  • Give away free trials: Another way to excite your customers is by offering them an immediate service. While doing so, you can seamlessly promote your brand as well. This creates an action that is mutually beneficial. Cosmetic brands often get this right as they use the tool of consultations and free makeovers to entice customers. Such an activity allows customers to test out different looks virtually before purchasing the product. When you give a client something in return, they’re more likely to listen to you. Handing out free samples works as well.
  • Focus on creating value: With ads everywhere, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed. Customers tend to develop ‘advertising blindness’. If they are actively trying to avoid your ads, why don’t you focus on adding value? This means to create an experience to deliver more than your customers are expecting. Customers today want to engage with brands that offer them experiences beyond making a purchase. Amazon Prime is a perfect example. When the service was launched in India, most people were readily subscribing to it because of the value they were going to get in return. While their items would be shipped faster, they also got the benefit of the OTT platform.
  • Get Personal: When you understand your target group, they tend to form an emotional connection with your brand. It makes them feel valued and important. Netflix and Amazon are ideal examples of personalisation done right. The streaming services uses data to recommend TV shows and movies based on content you’ve already seen and thus give you different recommendations when you login.
    Netflix personalisation marketing
  • Demonstrate social consciousness: As a trend, it is noticed that millennials tend to invest their money in a product that embraces visible sustainable practices. 73% customers support brands that are engaged in doing something meaningful. TOMS Shoes illustrates this concept beautifully. For each pair purchased, the brand gives a pair of shoes to children in need around the world. Thus, the little things you do to impact the lives of those within your community can definitely excite your customers and urge them to buy from you.
    Toms shoes CSR activity to excite customers

There are a variety of ways to build engagement with your target group. Whether it’s building an emotional roller coaster or simple connecting with them over a cup of coffee, it’s time to infuse innovation in your marketing efforts. Put the customer first and you’ll be well on your way to excite them.

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