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Top 10 Successful Outdoor Advertising Campaigns for Branding

For most people, outdoor advertising means a huge billboard along a highway or business building.

Outdoor advertising or occasionally referred to as out-of-home advertising is communication with people while they are out of their home.

How brands are leveraging the power of outdoor ads?

Creative advertising is much more than big, colourful billboards. It is not limited to phone booths, shopping centres and taxis.

Nowadays, people are spending more time away from home and thus outdoor advertising has the potential to reach active consumers. Unlike other mediums, outdoor advertising does not have to be invited in. The viewer has no control on whether they want to see it or not.

10 new-wave outdoor media advertising campaigns to look out for:

  1. Bus Advertising – Transit Advertising: Placement of print ads on buses and other vehicles is a great way to reach out to audiences of all ages, backgrounds and income groups. There is an increase in the number of buses cruising through metropolitan cities. This fresh form of advertising reaches a large audience for a prolonged period of time. Think outside the bus.
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  2. Human Billboards: Nothing promotes a brand better than a young group of enthusiasts. Street teams wearing billboards on themselves give advertising a human touch. Such teams are often seen wearing digital displays and handheld projectors.
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  3. Bus-stop Advertising: Advertising at bus-stops ensures that both pedestrians and vehicles see your brand. The best part is that it offers consistently excellent space for your brand.
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  4. Paper Cup Marketing: Lifestyle advertising is increasing these days. Advertising on paper cups offers a great opportunity to customers to experience the brand in their hand, up close. It is a highly targeted medium offering great exposure. Paper cup marketing is also one of the cheapest cost per message (CPM) medium. It is a powerful and impressive promotional tool.
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  5. Aerial Advertising: This type of advertising breaks all stereotypes. It gives you a chance to be creative. With aerial advertising, you can reach thousands of people within a small period of time.
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  6. Escalator Handrails: Majority of people have revealed they get bored while going up or coming down an escalator. Advertising on escalator handrails makes the environment interesting and captivating. With 100% coverage area, it serves the purpose. There is strong repetition too.
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  7. Elevator Advertising: This type of advertising ensures you get undivided attention of your customers. It is an uncluttered advertising medium where you can powerfully get out the message of your brand.
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  8. Wrap Advertising: Vehicle wraps are a memorable way to spread your brand’s message. Brightly coloured vehicle wraps make a vehicle standout in a car park. It is engaging and captivating and generates instant interest.
  9. Mobile projection: Though it is an expensive form of advertising, it offers spectacular coverage, and lets you take your ad to multiple locations easily. It never fails to grab attention.
  10. Bench advertising: Advertising on the backrest of a bench in a great advertising medium. The eye-level advertisement placement lets customers read the ad clearly. Also, it offers 24/7 coverage.
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