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The ‘Father of Advertising’ David Mackenzie Ogilvy said “A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.”

In our everyday lives, we are bombarded with billboards, posters, slogans, jingles and paid-and-planted advertising. They are literally shoved down our throats and are impossible to escape. Most people are accustomed to big-name brands on sight, thanks to the exposure they’ve had to it in their daily lives. This is visual advertising that is rapidly presented to us. Whether we like it or not, we have no choice but to see the ad.

About Subliminal Advertisements

What about the advertising that isn’t seen? For years together, this form of advertising has been around. The advertisement exists but people don’t realise its presence. The term used to refer to such kind of advertising is ‘Subliminal Messaging’.

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It is the subtle art of reaching consumers through a medium that is underplayed and not bellowing for attention.

Paper cup ads are the perfect example of subliminal messaging. Unlike a billboard or pamphlet, a paper cup ad is not seen as ‘pushy advertising’. It is ‘a kind of advertising that is not advertising’.

It’s just a simple paper cup that people purchase to get their daily dose of caffeine. But, unknown to them, the cup they’ve just been served coffee/tea is now a mini-advertising campaign for the brand that is advertised on it.

Branded paper cups can be viewed as mini billboards or quarter page print advertisements that have all the details a customer needs to know about a product or service. They are a little more than what meets the eye.

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A subliminal ad is presented to a consumer in such a way that it is below the absolute threshold level (ATL). It maybe inaudible to the conscious mind, but however, it is audible to the sub-conscious or deeper mind.

It attracts the deeper mind of a consumer without making an individual immediately aware of it.

There is no better way to convince consumers than tapping the subconscious. Subliminal messaging is commonly used in movies wherein certain products are subtly inserted into the frame thus convincing consumers to buy them.

Is it effective?

For those wondering if subliminal messaging is effective? Yes it is! Paper cup advertising is a clever and responsive form of advertising that does not ‘overpower’ consumers.

To a common man, a paper cup is viewed just as a receptacle for a hot beverage. Millions of them are sold around the world for this very reason. This point makes them an excellent advertising medium for a brand.

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Wide Exposure & Cost-Effective

Not just the subtlety associated with paper cups, the wide exposure also makes it the most preferred advertising medium. Since paper cups are moving billboards, they are carried from the vendor to the workplace, supermarket, college or literally anywhere. The possibilities are endless. Also, the advertising cost associated with paper cup advertising is much lesser compared to TVCs, print media or billboards.

Forget advertising, try non-advertising. Try promotional paper cups! To subliminally convey your brand message using paper cup ads, send an email to

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