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Viral marketing isn’t just about getting your content in front of people; it’s about getting it in front of the right people. Therefore, even before embarking on event promotion, it is important to understand who your target audience is.

While it’s not a cakewalk, with the right tools and strategies, you’ll be guaranteed success.

In today’s buyer-empowered world, building good relationships and generating goodwill is something that you cannot ignore. Thus, in order to leverage on in-person engagement, a lot of brands are planning and organising events.

Event management as a whole can be a daunting task as it involves a wide variety of disciplines and teams coming together to create a successful end-product.

Imagine this…

The date and venue for your event is booked. Now you just need people to show up! Are you a bit worried? Well, don’t be because you’re not alone. Most event organisers go through this trepidation.

Without a crowd, even the most impeccably planned event is doomed to fail. That’s where viral marketing comes into play.

Best Ideas for Event Promotion

BookMyShow Dream Hack Event Cup Branding

Are reduced event budgets, less money from sponsors, uninterested attendees, tight timelines and perilous logistics posing a threat to your upcoming event? Fret not! Here are some fool-proof ideas for event promotion:

  • Embrace the power of social media: In today’s digital world, social media and events go hand-in-hand. Therefore, if you want to create awareness for your event and make sure a large number of people attend it, use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to your advantage. You can also explore niche-specific social media sites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. However, Facebook is the perfect channel for viral marketing. People not just see the event but also interact with it and get key information from there.
  • Email Marketing: It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but the truth is that email is not dead. It’s an event promotion idea we can vouch for. It’s simple, easy and cost-effective. If you’re looking to impress attendees and increase awareness for your event, email marketing is the way to go.
paper cup marketing by GingerCup
  • Offline Paper Cup Branding: Another viral marketing technique most brands are resorting to is cup branding. To create buzz amongst college students and office-goers, the medium is fool-proof. It is a powerful tactic in creating awareness about an event and generating ticket sales. Recently, BookMyShow leveraged on the benefits of the medium to promote DreamHack gaming event in Mumbai. In the past too, they have used paper cup branding to urge people to book tickets on their platform for Indian Super League.
  • Run competitions and giveaways: Tap into people’s competitive nature by offering cash backs, and running offers and giveaways. You must kick off giveaways on all your marketing channels. By doing so, you can create the preferred visibility and ensure your audience books their tickets to the event.

If you have an upcoming event and are wondering what event promotion idea to use, contact us at +91-888 444 2846/47 or send an email to We’ll put your event on a personalised coffee cup and make sure it goes viral.

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