OYO Rooms chooses Cup Branding in their Marketing Mix

In this increasingly digital-driven world, brands are looking to capture their market in the best possible way. As part of their marketing plan, they are integrating both online and offline strategies. Hotels particularly are capitalising on traditional paths and new media.

While a web connects a brand with millions of people, offline marketing strategies establish a presence for a brand and make it more recognisable to locals. Studies suggest that most people feel the need to take a holiday when an offline advertisement catches their eye when they least expect it.

Today, most accommodation providers are not too sure about how to target the best type of travellers for their properties. However, the skill lies in deploying a great marketing strategy such as paper cup advertising.

paper cup advertising by GingerCup
OYO Rooms Branded Paper Cups in Colleges

Over the years, the hospitality industry has seen a huge upsurge in the budget-hotel segment. The entry of OYO Rooms has given birth to a whole new industry, and is suddenly seeing an influx in budget accommodation options such as Zo Rooms, Treebo Hotels, Fab Hotels, Qik Stay etc. among others.

These ‘budget brands’ have definitely changed the way people travel in the country. There is also a sharp increase in internal tourism as more youngsters have started traveling owing to the accessibility and affordability.

The unique marketing strategies that these brands have adopted have fuelled the growth for them. From YouTube campaigns to social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, short films and coffee cup advertising, brands are going an extra mile to create an identity for themselves and connect with their target group.

branded paper cup ads
Branded Paper Cups in Food Courts for OYO Rooms

Cup Branding Campaign for OYO Rooms

Recently, GingerCup carried out a custom paper cup branding activity for OYO Rooms.

OYO Rooms is a major player in India’s booming hospitality sector. The Indian-origin online hotel aggregator has its network of budget hotels in close to 200 Indian towns. In 2016, they made their way into the international segment as well, by expanding in Malaysia.

OYO rooms branded paper cups

We at GingerCup created bright red paper cups that would resonate with their logo. Every custom paper cup distributed ran with the slogan ‘Book an OYO in 3 Sips’, and urged the beverage drinker to download the mobile app.

These branded paper cups were distributed in shopping malls, corporate offices, colleges, railways and bus stands all over Bangalore city.

This is not the first time OYO is choosing paper cups as a marketing medium. Before approaching GingerCup, they ran a pilot campaign, which made them aware of the benefits of branded paper cups as an advertising medium. Owing to this fact, they decided to incorporate the medium on a much larger-scale in their marketing mix, in association with GingerCup.

paper cup advertising in Bangalore
OYO Rooms Branded Paper Cups in Corporate Offices

Branded paper cups have the ability to connect with the masses and generate a call to action. Since the medium interacts with the target group up-close and personal, it creates a significant impact and identity for the brand.

Image Source: GingerCup



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